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MG 1966


Front anti roll bar in MGB from 1966 and all synchro box in MkII from 1966.
London report
MINI Coopers outperforming MG Midgets? The idea was anathema to Abingdon oldtimers, so the Midget gets the wherewithal to defend itself; a 1,275 c.c. power unit of its own with appropriate improvements all round. Coming only two years after engine size was lifted to 1,098 c.c. this emphasises the pace at which performance is escalating. Speed limits don't stop it; they put a premium on fierce acceleration.
SAFETY Fast with trustworthy handling, steering and braking. The GT Coupé has proved a winner from the start; the B convertible is still available for open air enthusiasts. Strong five-bearing engine and straightforward chassis design ensure reliable performance. Bucket seats give good support for untiring long journeys. Headlamp 'flasher combined with finger-tip indicator switch is optional. Laycock de Normanville overdrive is also available. £706+£164p.t.=£870
THIS car is a sporting version of the brilliant series of 1100 c.c, models from the British Motor Corporation. It has the distinctive M.G. front and stepped-up power from the crosswise fitted front engine. At speed the car rides smoothly with the compensating Hydrolastic rubber-and-water suspension. Its popularity is gathering momentum, and for a very good reason. £613+£142p.t.=£755.


wb: 2030 mm 4 cyl.
1098 cc
60 bhp
4 cyl.
1275 cc
65 bhp
Roadster Mk II
new model


Mk II discontinued. 26.601 were made.

Midget Mk II


  4 cyl.
1098 cc
55 bhp
Saloon 2-dr 1100
Saloon 4-dr 1100



Magnette Mk IV

  R4 cyl.
1622 cc
68 bhp
Saloon Mk IV




  4 cyl.
1798 cc
94 bhp
Roadster MGB
Coupe GT





  Targa Florio entries: (08.05.1966)
#64 MGB Mäkinen / Rhodes BMC 9th
#66 MGB Hedges / Handley BMC 19th