Michelotti 1959

Allemano Fiat 600 Coupè Milady  
Abarth 850 coupè Scorpione  
Abarth 1600 spider  
Abarth 1600 coupè  
Abarth 2200 spider  
Abarth 2200 coupè   
Auto Union 1000 coupè Fissore-Face Argent  
Auto Union 1000 spid Fissore-Face Argent.  
Auto Union 1000 Berl. Fissore-Face Argent.  
BMW 700 coupè  
Cisitalia 750 berlina lusso  
Cisitalia 750 GT coupè  
Cisitalia 750 GT spider  
Moretti 1500 GT Golden Arrow  
Siata Abarth 750 coupè  
Siata Abarth 750 spider  
Triumph Herald  
Triumph Italia  
Siata Amica 600 Cabriolet  
Siata elaborata 750 coupè quattro posti  
Viotti Fiat 600 Cabriolet Plen Air  


Michelotti's sketch on the Triumph TR4.

Giovanni Michelotti opened his own design studio in Torino in 1959, and started by taking on work for other design houses such as Vignale, Bertone and Ghia. In 1957 his connection with Standard-Triumph began with the Standard Vanguard restyling and Triumph Italia in 1958 .

Triumph Herald

Triumph Herald Coupé

BMW 700 Coupé