Classic Car Catalogue

Morgan 1970

  wb: 4 cyl.
1597 cc
95.5 bhp (SAE)
V8 cyl.
3528 cc
184 bhp (SAE)
4/4 8' 0'' (244 cm) -
Plus 8 8' 2'' (249 cm) -

Great Britain

MORGAN PLUS 8 £1,699 (incl. P.T.)
Made in a tinty works in the Malvern hills, the Morgan Plus 8 is a sports car in the vintage tradition but with a very modern 3½-litre Rover V8 engine. Unlike the Rover it has a four-speed manual gearbox, but two seats. It will accelerate from zero to 100 m.p.h. in less than 20 seconds, and is good for 125 m.p.h. In the vintage sports tradition it has a hard ride and sidescreens, but its top gear performance would put many a limousine to shame. The Morgan Motor Company has been in existence for 60 years and they were pioneers of independent front wheel suspension on their 3-wheelers.

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MORGAN 4/4 1600
2 str: £1,177 (incl. P.T.)
4 str: 41,216 (incl. P.T.) After 27 years of three-wheeler manufacture, the Morgan Motor Company introduced their first four-wheeler in 1936 and called it the 4/4 - four wheels, four cylinders. The modern-day 4/4 has a 1597 c.c. Ford Cortina engine and for 1971 is made in 'Competition' two-seater, and four-seater form only. The models have been brought up-todate with safety collapsibie steering columns. A separate chassis frame of Z-section steel is used-much the same as the original 4/4-and the bodywork still has a hand-built wooden frame. Weekly output of Morgans is nine or ten cars.

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Morgan 4/4 2-Seater