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NSU 1971

Prinz 4
1000 / TT / TTS
Ro 80


NSU 1000 CS
£899 (incl. P.T.)
NSU are another member of the big Volkswagen family and the finish of their cars reflects it, with a high standard of paintwork and interior trimming. The 1000C Super shares other similarities with VW, because it has a rear-mounted air-cooled engine driving the rear wheels, and a boot for luggage at the front. In fact the engine is mounted transversely, which means more room to push the rear seat back and give excellent leg-room to passengers. The car is independently sprung all round on coils, is comfortable and quite a lively performer. Not quiet, though.
NSU 1200 CS
£977 (incl. P.T.)
These N.S.U. saloons have all been developed from the original little Prinz with styling similar to the Hillman Imp (or is it the other way round?). The 1200C Super is a stretched version in appearance but is in fact quite a different car, longer and wider than its juniors. But the engine is still mounted transversely at the rear, and is an air-cooled light-alloy unit with overhead camshaft. For a 1.2 litre however, it is remarkably lively and this car can be driven with considerable verve and enjoyment. Finish is first class in the German tradition.
NSU Ro 80
£2,584 (incl. P.T.)
A revolutionary car in more senses than one, the Ro80 continues to set extremely high standards for others to emulate. The major point of interest is, of course, the Wankel rotary engine which turns over with the absolute smoothness of a sewing machine and whistles this fairly large car up to an impressive maximum of around 110 m.p.h. The two-rotor engine drives the front wheels through a semi-automatic gearbox and the car has independent suspension all round. Brakes are servo-operated discs, with a dual circuit for safety and roadholding is quite outstanding.

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Prinz 4

4L (2 cyl, 598 cm³, 30 PS; wb 2040mm)


1000, TT and TTS

1000 (4 cyl, 996 cm³, 43 PS; 2250 mm)
TT (4 cyl, 1177 cm³, 65 PS; 2250 mm)
TTS (4 cyl, 996 cm³, 70 PS; 2250 mm) – discontinued

NSU 1000

NSU 1000




1200 / 1200C (4 cyl, 1177 cm³, 55 PS; 2440 mm)


Ro 80

(2 rotor, 497,5 cm³, 115 PS; 2869 mm)