Classic Car Catalogue

O.S.C.A. 1965






Following the purchase of O.S.C.A. by MV work continued for a short time on new models. At the Turin Motorshow of 1965 two models were on display, a spider and a Coupé, both designed by Zagato. These were both powered by the four-cylinder 1700 engine from the Ford Taunus, with the power output increased to 95bhp @ 5,800rpm. The engine was positioned at the front of the car, whilst the four-speed gearbox and differential were located together at the rear. Independent suspension and disc brakes were fitted all round. The Coupé was 4050mm long and weighed 710kg whilst the spider was 3800mm long and weighed 640kg. Manufacturer top speeds were 175km/h for the spider and 180 for the Coupé. Production was scheduled to start in the spring of 1966.