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Panhard 1950


Dyna 110 3CV (X 85) (610 cm³, 28 KM; wb: 213 cm) – new model
Dyna 120 4CV (X 86) (745 cm³, 38 KM; wb: 213 cm) – new model
 berline decouvrable,

Panhard Dyna 110


The 1950 model has several decorative flashes added made of polished aluminum and a new grille with center circle. A new body style – the berline découvrable was added. In January type 110 replaced type 100, and the convertible entered the production. The 3 CV engine was upgraded from 22 hp to 28 hp SAE. In March, the arrow indicators gave way to flashing lights on the front and rear wings (However there is only one indicator on each side of the Dyna K.) In April a 4 CV type 120 was launched with 745 cc engine developing 32 / 34 hp.




Panhard Dyna 120 cabriolet




Dyna découvrable model '51.