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Panhard 1956


Dyna Z (851 cm³, 42 KM)
 Z1 Berline Luxe – discontinued in May
 Z1 Berline Luxe Special – discontinued in May
 Z5 Berline Luxe – new model in January, discontinued in August
 Z5 Luxe Taxi – new model in January, discontinued in August
 Z6 Berline Luxe Special – new model in May, discontinued in September
 Z11 Berline Luxe – new model in August ('57 model)
 Z11 Luxe Taxi – new model in August ('57 model)
 Z12 Berline Luxe Spécial – new model in August ('57 model)
 Z12 Berline Grand Luxe – new model in August ('57 model)
 Z12 Berline Grand Standing – new model in August ('57 model)
Dyna Junior 5CV (851 cm³, 42 KM)
 cabriolet - ost. rok do lipca. 


The complicated valve system using tiny torsion bars has been improved by the use of hydraulic rods called "Eiffel Tower". The modified engine is called S5 RJH. All aluminium body proved to be very expensive in production. The alloy called Duralinox was replaced by an all steel construction wich increased the weight of the car from 710 to 975 kg.
Series Z5 has simplified rear lights. The engine has been modified for better economy.
In August the Z11 and Z12 models for 1957 were launched with an all-steel body, conventional hydraulic shock absorbers and a new large rear lights.
Electromagnetic Felrlec clutch option has been dropped in October.

The Dyna Panhard, whose 850 c.c. engine places it in the same class as the Dauphine, costs over £100 more, but in return seats six instead of four and its engine develops 42 b.h.p. as opposed to 30. Production is being greatly increased now that the firm has become directly associated with Citroen, and Citroen service stations will now also handle Panhards. The very attractive new two-door convertible at £1,050 is expensive - costing about £100 more than the DS19. Panhards are now of all-steel construction. New shock absorbers and mountings front and rear, reinforced crankshaft, larger valves and an improved gear box components are also now fitted. Proof that the Panhard's high power output and low weight are not achieved at any sacrifice in life and reliability is indicated by an order for 500 by the Paris taxi authority.
(Paris report)


Dyna Z

Z1 Berline Luxe
Z1 Berline Luxe Special
Z5 Berline Luxe
Z5 Luxe Taxi
Z6 Berline Luxe Special
 Wheelbase: 257 cm
851 cm³, 42 KM

Dyna Z

Panhard in the USA

Panhard Dyna Z

Dyna berline

Dyna at Paris Motor Show.


Dyna Junior

 Wheelbase: 213 cm
851 cm³, 42 KM

Panhard Dyna Junior





Dyna Z Cabriolet by D'Ieteren at Brusseles Motor Show.


Panhard Dyna z nieseryjnym nadwoziem kombi firmy Pichon-Parat.

F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
  Mille Miglia 18-29.04.56 (round 3) Results:
#   chassis   Entrant: gen. category class
1 Dyna   Chancel   dns T/GT750 -    
29 Dyna   Stempert   dnf T/GT750 -    
40 Dyna   Montevago / Filatori   166th T/GT750 17th T750 15th
41 Dyna   Colin / Chanchou   dnf T/GT750 -    
43 Dyna   Cotton   78th T/GT750 3rd T750 3rd
44 Dyna   Parucci / Martin   181st T/GT750 28th T750 24th
47 Dyna   Marzani   177th T/GT750 24th T750 21st
48 Dyna   Dorè / Marcu   dnf T/GT750 -    
63 Dyna 54   Guilhaudin / "Charaia"   dnf T/GT750 -    
67 Dyna   Poirot   171st T/GT1.0 12th T1.0 10th
74 Dyna 54   Borelly   149th T/GT1.0 9th T1.0 7th
151 Dyna   Chancel   dnf S750 -    
203 Dyna   Zerbini   dnf S750 -    
204 Dyna   Navarro   dnf S750 -    
208 Dyna   Chancel   dnf S750 -    
Other entries:
  24h Le Mans 28.07.1956   Results:
#       Entrant: gen. class perf. index
49 Monopole X 89 745 cm³ Hémard / Flahault Panhard fail.   - -  
50 Monopole X 88 745 cm³ Chancel / Beaulieux Panhard acc.   - -  
51 Monopole X 86 745 cm³ Héry / Pailler L.Héry acc.   - -