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Pegaso 1954

Z 102 (V8, 2474ccm, 142 bhp)
  11 1954 3-0111 Bisiluro 2
  28 1954 3-0128 Berlineta Saoutchik 2ª Serie
  31 1954 0-0131 Berlineta Saoutchik 1ª/2ª Serie
  35 1954 0-0135 Berlineta Saoutchik 2ª Serie
  36 1954 3-0136 Cabriolet Saoutchik 2ª Serie
  37 1954 0-0137 Berlineta Saoutchik 2ª Serie
  46 1954 0-0146 Berlineta Saoutchik 2ª Serie
  47 1954 0-0147 Berlineta Saoutchik 2ª Serie
  48 1954 0-0148 Berlineta Saoutchik 2ª Serie
  53 1954 0-0153 Berlineta Touring 1ª Serie
  54 1954 3-0154 Berlineta Touring 1ª Serie
  55 1954 3-0155 Berlineta Touring 1ª Serie
  56 1954 0-0156 Berlineta Touring 1ª Serie
  57 1954 0-0157 Berlineta Touring 1ª Serie
  61 1954 0-0161 Berlineta Saoutchik 2ª Serie
  63 1954 0-0163 Berlineta Saoutchik 2ª Serie Especial
  80 1954 0-0180 Spyder ENASA Pedralbes
  81 1954 0-0181 Spyder ENASA Pedralbes


Engine capacity increased to 2.8 litres giving 172 bhp or 260 bhp with compressor. Later 3.2 litres gave up to 208 bhp with two carburettors. With two compressors yield 278 bhp at 5,000 rpm

wb: 2340 mm V8 90°
2816 cm³
V8 90°
2816 cm³
V8 90°
3178 cm³
  102 B/2,8 102 BS/2,8 102 BS/3,2

Berlineta 1st-2nd series by Saoutchik

Berlineta Saoutchik (0-0131)

Berlineta Saoutchik 2nd series

Cabriolet Saoutchik

Cabriolet Saoutchik 2nd series.

Berlinetta Touring


Spider Pedralbes




Entries and results:
  Carrera Panamericana 19-23.11.54 (round 6)   Results:
#   chassis   Entrant: gen. class      
10 Z 102 BS Touring #0142 Pover / Fernandez Allen Guiberson acc. S+1.5 -    

Pegaso Z 102 Spyder Touring ('53), chassis #0142 (Joaquin Palacio Pover / Celso Fernandez ) by Allen Guiberson at Carrera Panamericana.

The Pan American participated in 1954 with a barchetta Touring promoted by Leónidas Trujillo, President of the Dominican Republic, why the car are called "the Dominican". Had a 3.2 motor litres with compressor. This race engine was prepared to use a special type of fuel which were sent to Mexico in great amount of drums. But to get there were aware that no one had bothered to read the regulation, which forced to use another very different fuel. Thus, two mechanics of Pegasus had to change engine adjustments quickly and running, and almost without technical means. (Joaquin Palace and Celso Fernandez) pilots arrived only 4 days before the competition and could only be a workout with a Chevrolet, the first stage and in the opposite direction to the real. Started the race and the Pegasus debuted regular. But posts until placed fourth in the general and third in the third phase, after the Ferrari p was back. Hill and Maglioli, comiendole ground kilometer kilometer. In the fourth stage, the barchetta led by j. Palace came flying at the end of a straight surmounted by a curve that not saw by the spectators buzz surrounding an accident in the same place happened sometime soon. It would more than 210 km/h Palace survived miracle, finishing hanging a cactus, and the car was destroyed. The test was won by Maglioli and his Ferrari.