Classic Car Catalogue

Peugeot 1951

203 (R4 cyl, 1290 cm³, 42 ch)
  berline; wb: 2580 mm
  berline decouvrable; wb: 2580 mm
  cabriolet; wb: 2580 mm - nowy model
  familiale; wb: 2780 mm
  commerciale; wb: 2780 mm
  furgonette tolee
  camionette bachee
203 Darl'Mat


203 cabriolet i berline decouvrable

203 Darl'Mar

Nieseryjny 203 cabriolet Vorblaufen

Cape Town-Paris


The 14,300 km route taken by Andre Mercier and Charles de Cortanze from Cape Town to Algiers in a little more than seventeen days, from December 26, 1950 to January 11, 1951, at the wheel of a Peugeot 203 U. The event also sparked interest in the incredible fuel economy of the vehicle - a single tank lasted 900 km (560 mi), even with the tough terrain.