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Plymouth 1960

Valiant – new model
XNR – prototype




wb: 106.5 in. R6 ohv
 101 hp 
V100 4 Door Sedan  
V100 4 Door Stn Wgn 2 Seat  
V100 4 Door Stn Wgn 3 Seat  
V200 4 Door Sedan  
V200 4 Door Stn Wgn 2 Seat  
V200 4 Door Stn Wgn 3 Seat  

Not one inch too long
nor a pound too heavy

For 25 year Chrysler Corporation has been engaged in a continuous program of "small car" research and design. But, it was not until May of 1957 that the decision was made to bring such a car to market. This date marked the beginning of Project A-901, the development of a remarkable automobile that two years later would be named Valiant.
Valiant is a car totally new to the American scene. Almost three years of intensive work, and literally millions of miles of testing, at Chrysler Corporation's Engineering Proving Grounds, have gone into its making.
Valiant is nobody's kid brother. It stands on its own four tires and challenges every other car, foreign or domestic, to match it: inch for inch, pound for pound, dollar for dollar.
'The men who built Valiant were committed to demanding goals: to build a car completely honest in its beauty, neither one inch too long nor a pound too heavy, an automobile that would comfortably seat a family of six (with room for their luggage), be considerably more economical to buy and operate than conventional cars, and provide the riding comfort, safety, and response demanded by American motorists.
As you will see on this and the following pages, there has been no compromise with these goals. Valiant is such a car.
Valiant is a touch car. The old-fashioned method of bolting body and frame together has been discarded. In Valiant, body and frame are welded together to form a one piece shell of exceptional strength and rigidity. Over 5300 spot and seam welds completely eliminate body squeaks and rattles.
With the help of a structurally exact three-eights scale model, and a giant electronic computer, road loads and stress were accurately pre-measured and planned for. The rugged box sections of the lower body distribute driving, braking, and suspension loads in broad areas of the car. Every square inch of steel bears load, carries stress. None "goes along for the ride."
To prevent destructive rust and corrosion the body is dipped a total of seven times in special cleansing, rinsing, and coating baths. The entire lower third is immersed to a depth of 11 to 15 inches, assuring thorough and uniform application of the protective coatings to both interior and exterior surfaces. Protection for the upper body is provided during the dipping procedures by a series of six high pressure sprays.
In the first stage the body is dipped for three full minutes in a tank of alkaline cleaner. The second and third dips are hot, clear rinses. Then the body is lowered for one minute in a special chemical solution that deposits a protective coating of high purity phosphate. This is followed by two more rinsings. The body is then dried and cooled to room temperature.
After the seventh and final dip, in a newly developed zinc-rich emulsion primer, the inner surfaces of the sills are coated with a high melting point wax. Then the body is dried again, wet sanded (by hand), primed for the second time. and painted. Each coat of the Lustre-Bond finish enamel is oven-baked and carefully inspected.
Valiant is a very quiet automobile, Chrysler Corporation engineers took great pains to eliminate annoying vibrations which create undesirable noises in the passenger compartments of many cars. Special care has been taken to cushion and muffle the natural road vibrations found in all automobiles.
For instance, the dash panel is covered by a felt liner and a one inch sheet of fiber glass. Underneath the floor covering there is a jute silencer pad, a combination felt and mastic pad, and a liberal coating of fluid deadener. In addition, fluid deadener is also sprayed on the insides of doors, quarter panels, and wheel housings. The roof is insulated by a thick fiber blanket, which extends down into the critical rear post areas.
A special version of Chrysler Corporation's famous Torsion-Aire suspension has been designed for Valiant. This remarkable system of torsion bars, ball joints, Oriflow shock absorbers, and asymmetrical leaf springs provides a superbly controlled ride, taking full advantage of the unitized body's unusual strength and rigidity. The car corners exceedingly well, with little lean, and remains almost perfectly level during acceleration and braking.
Outstandingly maneuverable, Valiant has a curb-in-curb turning circle of only 37.1 feet. It is easy and quick in park. Each moving part of the steering gear is mounted either on ball or needle bearings. Friction is kept to an absolute minimum.
Valiant is two feet shorter than most cars have been for 20 years. Three feet shorter than some. You will find it easy to park. And inside there is room for a lively family of six.
Almost 1000 pounds lighter than conventional cars, Valiant equals or exceeds previous automotive standards of comfort. The dimensions are impressive no matter what the measure. With the driver seated, there is almost 40 inch of front head room. Seat height (an important comfort consideration) is over 11 inches in front, and more than 13 inches in the rear.
Dozens of existing engine layouts were considered for Valiant; in-line 4s, V-6s, pancake eights, diesels, even radial aircraft designs. None satisfied the demanding requirements.
To deliver the much sought-after combination of miles-per-galon ecnomy, and high levels of performance, a completely new engine had to be built. It is a six cylinder power plant inclined 30 degrees to the right, an engine of a basic layout that has never been found in any passenger car.
This unique engine, mounted up front, adds to the inherent good balance of the car, provides the handling characteristics you expect. There are no new steering techniques to learn when you own a Valiant.


Full size


V8 4-bbl
   330 hp   

V8 4-bbl
   305 hp   

V8 2-bbl
   230 hp   

V8 4-bbl
   260 hp   

R6 1-bbl
   145 hp   
Fury opt. opt. std. opt. -
Belvedere opt. opt. std. opt. std.
Savoy opt. opt. std. opt. std.
Sport Suburban opt. opt. std. opt. -
Custom Suburban opt. opt. std. opt. std.
Deluxe Suburban opt. opt. std. opt. std.



   V8       R6   
4 Door Sedan x x
4 Door Hardtop x -
2 Door Hardtop x -
2 Door Convertible x -



   V8       R6   
4 Door Sedan x x
2 Door Sedan x x
2 Door Hardtop x x



   V8       R6   
2 Door Sedan x x
4 Door Sedan x x


Station Wagons

       V8       R6   
Custom 4 Door Stn Wgn 6 Psgr x x
Custom 4 Door Stn Wgn 9 Psgr x -
Deluxe 4 Door Stn Wgn 6 Psgr x x
Deluxe 2 Door Stn Wgn x x
Sport 4 Door Stn Wgn 6 Psgr x -
Sport 4 Door Stn Wgn 9 Psgr x -



De Luxe Suburban


Service cars

Fleet Special 2 Door Sedan          
Fleet Special 4 Door Sedan          



        – prototype