Classic Car Catalogue

Pontiac 1942

  wb: L6 cyl.
90 hp
L8 cyl.
103 hp
Torpedo 119 in.    
 Coupe 3-pass   Six Eight
 Sedan Coupe   Six Eight
 Sport Coupe   Six Eight
 Convertible Coupe   Six Eight
 Sedan 2-dr   Six Eight
 Sedan 4-dr   Six Eight
 Metropolitan Sedan 4-dr   Six Eight
Streamliner 122 in.    
 Sedan Coupe   Six Eight
 Sedan 4-dr   Six Eight
 Wagon 4-dr 8-pass   Six Eight
 Chieftain Sedan Coupe   Six Eight
 Cheftain Sedan 4-dr   Six Eight
 Chieftain Wagon 4-dr 6-pass   Six Eight


WHILE Pontiac's first duty is to build for American defense – it has yet another duty to the American public. And that is to build the soundest, the safest, and the longest-lived cars it knows how to produce. Consequently, you will find, in this year's Pontiacs, the finest quality we have ever offered. The 1942 Pontiacs ride better – they handle more easily – and they have better roadability. But what is even more significant – they remain unchanged in those vital units which mean the most to dependability and long life-pistons, bearings, crankshafts and connecting rods. We are glad to report, also, that Pontiac prices are still just above the lowest – and that the car's traditional economy is still the same. Again in 1942, any buyer of a new motor car can afford a Pontiac.
Rapid-Fire Production of Rapid-Fire Cannon!
Charged with building a large number of automatic anti-aircraft cannon for the U. S. Navy, Pontiac is now turning out these complicated weapons with production-line speed and efficiency. This important assignment we regard as our first responsibility.

W związku z przystąpieniem USA do wojny, 10 lutego przestawiono produkcję na potrzeby wojska.

Torpedo Convertible Coupe

DeLuxe Custom Torpedo Station Wagon

Streamliner Sedan Coupe