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Pontiac 1955


Star Chef
Strato Star – prototype 

Pontiac '55

Big 6 (R6 cyl., ohv, 145 h.p.)
Strato-Flash (V8 cyl., ohv, 287.2, 162 h.p.)
Strato-Streak (V8 cyl., ohv, 287.2, 180 h.p.)
Strato-Streak (V8 cyl., ohv, 287.2, 200 h.p. - with four carburetors) (on Star Chief models)

Nowe Pontiaki otrzymały zachodzące na boki, panoramiczne szyby przednie i 12 woltowe instalacje elektryczne. Silniki V8 "Strato Streak" dostępne są w trzech wersjach o mocy 173, 180 lub 200 KM. W tym roku znów padł rekord produkcji - 580 tysięcy samochodów. 90% nabywców wybrało opcjonalną skrzynię biegów Dual Range Hydra-matic.

Pontiac's all-new 180-horsepower Strato-Streak V-8
Pontiac's revolutionary new 180-HORSEPOWER STRATO-STREAK V-8 . . . super powered, radically new in design and performance, ready to deliver flashing acceleration, remarkable economy and effortless highway cruising at your slightest whim. Just a nudge of the accelerator and away you go swiftly and surely . . . breezing along, confident of the Strato-Streak's tremendous power and dependability! But the great feeling of security you'll sense when you are piloting America's newest and finest V-8 is not there by accident! After many years of study, experimentation, development . . . more than three million test miles proved every phase of the great new Pontiac Strato-Streak V-8.

The new V-8 Strato-Streak




Pontiac again for '55 steps out ahead . . . far ahead with cars entirely new and revolutionary in power and beauty! Cars so dynamic in every phase of design and performance they'll be definitely the car you'll want to own! Here is what makes this all-new Pontiac a history-making automobile.
Beauty . . . such as you've never seen before! A lower-than-ever. lovelier-than-ever flow of line. A graceful integration of design . . . of body and glass, of silver streak, grille and trim treatment.
Power . . . with the newest, thoroughly pre-tested V-8 in the world! 180 mighty horsepower strong . . . eager to deliver thousands of miles of fun-filled, thrill-filled driving.
View . . . a whole new marvelous panoramic view of the wide open road ahead! All around the new Pontiac you'll see through a vast expanse of glass, sculptured to continue the futuristic body styling.
Ride . . . in every way new and exciting. Complete balance of all items important to ride . . . plus three-inch wider front seats insure complete and relaxing 'armchair' comfort!
The newness goes deep in this 1955 Pontiac! A heavier-than-before frame! Bigger front brakes! New steering gear! New cowl-intake ventilation! New 12-volt electrical system! New tubeless tires on all models!
Yes, the newness is there in a tremendous blaze of beauty and performance! But the Pontiac "Idea" remains: To create and build an automobile comparing with America's costliest cars in every important way . . . and to sell that car at just a few dollars above the very lowest-priced. Truly . . . this idea has never been more beautifully achieved than in the all-new 1955 Pontiac.

Chieftain 860

CHIEFTAIN (wb: 122 in.)
  860 Special 2 Door Sedan  
  860 Special 2 Door Stn Wgn  
  860 Special 4 Door Sedan


Chieftain 860 Sedan

Chieftain 860 Sedan

Chieftain 860 Sedan

Chieftain 860 Sedan


Chieftain 870

CHIEFTAIN (wb: 122 in.)
  870 Deluxe 2 Door Sedan  
  870 Deluxe 4 Door Sedan  
  870 Deluxe 4 Door Stn Wgn
  870 Deluxe Catalina 2 Door Hardtop  
  Catalina 2 Door Hardtop


Chieftain 870 Catalina

Chieftain 870 Catalina

Chieftain 870 Sedan

Chieftain 870 Sedan


Star Chief

STAR CHIEF (wb: 124 in.)
  2 Door Convertible
  4 Door Sedan
  Custom 4 Door Sedan
  Custom 2 Door Convertible
  Custom Catalina 2 Door Hardtop
  Custom Safari 2 Door Stn Wgn


Star Chief Sedan

Star Chief Convertible

Starchief Custom Convertible

Star Chief Custom Convertible

Star Chief Custom Sedan

Star Chief Convertible

Starchief Custom Catalina

Star Chief Custom Catalina


Station Wagons

 Chieftain 860 2-Door
 Chieftain 860 4-Door
 Chieftain 870 4-Door
 Star Chief Custom Safari

Star Chief Custom Safari

Starchief Custom Safari

Starchief Custom Safari

Chieftain 860 4-Door Station Wagon

Chieftain 860 2-Door Station Wagon


Chieftain 870 Station Wagon



Strato Star – prototype

Strato Chief

Strato Chief


Strato Star

Canadian models



    L6 cyl.
145 hp
V8 cyl.
162 hp
V8 cyl.
180 hp