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Porsche 1961

356 B
356 B Carrera Abarth


PORSCHE 1600, roadster, $3780, Germany
If owner enthusiasm has any bearing on the fact, then the Porsche is a better-than-average sports car, for its owners are vociferous in their praise. And it doesn't seem to matter which of the three engine or four body styles is owned; praise is about equal.
The Porsche is a rear-engined, all-independent-suspension automobile, much as the Volkswagen in principle in that the engine is an air-cooled, flat Four. Of the three 96.5-cubic-inch engines, the Normal develops 60 DIN hp (about 70 SAE), the Super, 75 hp (about 88 SAE), and the Super 90 has 90 hp (about 102 SAE). Performance increases accordingly; top speed of the Normal is just over 100 mph with zero to 60 in about 15 seconds. The Super 90 can reach 60 mph in around 12 seconds and has a top end of 115 plus.
There are four bodies offered, each with any engine. The least expensive, called the roadster, is a true convertible because it has roll-up windows. It does not have the nicely upholstered occasional rear seat that is included in the rest of the line. The coupe is just that and can be had with a sunroof; the cabriolet is the line's plush convertible with a richly padded top and door vent panes to distinguish it from the roadster; and the hardtop has a removable solid top on the cabriolet chassis. In any Porsche combination the fit of panels, exterior paint, upholstery quality, shape of seats, and any other area of auto quality can scarcely be bettered at any price.
One of the most pleasing elements of the car is the wonderfully slick four-speed transmission. As it is coupled with feather-light steering, top-quality brakes and most pleasing ride, the combination is an enthusiast's delight.
The four-overhead-cam Carrera coupe, formerly a production item, is now a special-bodied racing car and available in limited quantity. In addition, the RS-61 Spyder is strictly for racing, and only a few are produced for sale to private owners who can uphold Porsche's winning ways. If a race fan wishes, it is possible to prepare one of the production Porsches for amateur sports car racing for a few hundred dollars and be competitive enough to win class trophies.
General specifications: Wheelbase, 82.7 inches; front tread, 51.4; rear tread, 50.1; overall length, 157.7; width, 65.7; height, 51.6.
Other versions: Super roadster, $3995; Super 90 roadster, $4320; coupe, $3920; Super coupe, $4140; Super 90 coupe, $4470; hardtop, $4170; Super hardtop, $4390; Super 90 hardtop, $4720; cabriolet, $4250; Super cabriolet, $4470; Super 90 cabriolet, $4800.

Motor Trend, April 1961

7664 ex.


356 B

1600 (B4 cyl, 1582 ccm, 60 PS; wb: 2100 mm)
1600 Super 75 (B4 cyl, 1582 ccm, 75 PS; wb: 2100 mm)
1600 Super 90 (B4 cyl, 1582 ccm, 90 PS; wb: 2100 mm)
 Roadster - discontinued in the summer
 Hardtop Cabriolet
1600 GS Carrera GT (B4 cyl, 1588 ccm, 115 PS; wb: 2100 mm) - discontinued
2000 GS Carrera 2 (B4 cyl, 1966 ccm, 130 PS; wb: 2100 mm) - new model
 Hardtop Cabriolet

356 B Coupé (October'60 London Show report)

356 B Cabriolet (USA)


718 RS 61
718 W-RS

Racing victories:

2nd Targa Florio # 134 718 Bonnier/Gurney
3rd Targa Florio # 132 718 Herrmann/Barth

Racing entries:

  Targa Florio 30.04.1961   Results:    
#       Entrant: gen. category class
102 356 B S90   Thomas/Gunther/Chognet   fail. - -  
118 718 RSK   Starrabba /Cavaliere Segesta dns - -  
132 718 RS 61   Hermann / Barth Porsche 3rd 3rd sport 2nd 1.6-2.0
134 718 RS 61   Bonnier / Gurney Porsche 2nd 2nd sport 1st 1.6-2.0
136 718 RS 61   Moss / Hill Camoradi fail. - -  
24h Le Mans 10.06.1961   Results: Index:
#   chassis   Entrant: gen. class perf. eff.
30 718 RS 61/4 718-046 Bonnier/Gurney Porsche fail. - - -
32 718 RS 61/4 718-045 Barth/Herrmann Porsche 7th 2nd sport 2.0 3rd 4th
33 718 RS 61/4 718-047 Gregory/Holbert Porsche 5th 1st sport 2.0 6th 7th

Porsche 956 Carrera Abarth GTL # 96 at Targa Florio. Herbert Linge and Huschke Von Hanstein were 7th, also taking 2nd place in gran turismo category and 2nd in 1301-2500 cc class.
Porsche 718 RS 61 # 136 entered by Camoradi USA, driven by Stirling Moss - Graham Hill.

Porsche 356 B S90, J.Thomas and S.Gunther, Targa Florio.

Targa Florio. Hans Hermann and Edgar Barth (Stirling Moss / Graham Hill) took 3rd place overall, 3rd in sport category and 2nd in 1601-2000 cc class in the 718 RS 61.

Joakim Bonnier and Dan Gurney finished 2nd in general standing, 2nd in sport category and 1st in 1601-2000 cc class at Targa Florio.

Porsche 718 RS 61/4 Spyder, chassis #718-047, engine: Porsche 1967 cm³; Masten Gregory / Bob Holbert; Porsche System Engineering; 24h Le Mans.

Porsche 718 RS 61/4 Coupé, chassis #718-046, engine: Porsche 1679 cm³; Jo Bonnier / Dan Gurney; Porsche System Engineering; 24h Le Mans.

718 RS 61 Coupé and Spyder at Le Mans.

F1 victories:

2nd French GP     Gurney
2nd USA GP     Gurney
2nd Italian GP     Gurney
2nd Pescara GP     Orthuber/Barth

F1 entries:

Entrant: Results:
        gen. class category