Classic Car Catalogue

Reliant 1964

Sabre - discontinued
Rebel – London
Scimitar SE4 – London

Great Britain

Reliant Sabre FH Coupe GT and Sports models continues unchanged; however, both were discontinued in the late summer.
GT SE4a is designed by Ogle. Fixed head coupe body has "three box" design with unusual pointed front end styling incorporating recessed twin headlamps. Chassis is based on Sabre design with Triumph front suspension and Ford rear axle and has 120 bhp Ford Zephyr Six engine.



3/25 (598 cm3, 25 KM)



Six (2553 cm3, 120 KM)


New 1965 models

Rebel (598 cm³, 28 KM)
Scimitar SE4 (2553 cm³, 120 KM)

Still struggling hard for a foothold in the British Motor Industry, Reliant are showing two new models at the Show. The ugly Sabre Six GT is replaced by the Scimitar GT, which has a very similar specification to the Sabre, with ladder type chassis, wishbone front suspension, rigid rear axle and a Ford Zephyr engine and gearbox. Power is raised to 120 b.h.p. at 5,000 r.p.m. by using three S.U. carburetters, giving a claimed top speed of 120 m.p.h. The handsome glass-fibre body has been designed by David Ogle Ltd., and is obviously based on their still-born GT-bodied Daimler SP250. The frontal treatment is very similar to the Triumph 2000. The price will be £1,292 1s. 3d. The other model from Reliant is the Rebel, which is a small 4-seater saloon using the Reliant all-aluminium 600 c.c. engine giving 28 b.h.p. at 5,250 r.p.m. The styling of this car, also by Ogle's, is much less successful, but the car will probably appeal more on the strength of its claimed 60 m.p.h.-60 m.p.g. performance than on styling.
(The Autocar, October '64)