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Renault 1933

Monaqatre UY - discontinued
Primaquatre KZ 11 - discontinued
Monaqatre YN - model in October
Primaquatre KZ 14 - model in October
Monaqatre (UY) - ost.rok
Vivaquatre (KZ)
Vivastella (PG) - ost.rok
Vivastella (ZA) - new model
Primastella (PG10)
Nervastella (TG) - ost.rok
Nervastella (ZC) - new model
Nervasport (TG) - ost.rok
Nervasport (ZD) - new model
Reinasport (RM)
Reinastella (RM4)
Vivasport (YZ2) - new model in October (Paris)


Renault at Paris Motor Show.



Monaqatre (UY) - discontinued
 torpedo commercial
 faux cabriolet
Monaqatre (8CV) (4 cyl, 1463 cc, 30 ch, wb: 2650 mm) - new model
 (YN2) berline Luxe
 (YN2) berline Grand Luxe
 (YN2) conduite intérieure 6 glaces
 (YN2) coach tólé 4 places avec malle
 (YN2) coach 4 glaces
 (YN2) cabriolet
 (YN2) berline commerciale
Primaquatre (KZ10) (2120 cc, 35 ch) - discontinued
 berline commerciale
 torpedo commerciale
 conduite int. 6 cyl.
 conduite int. 2 portes
Primaquatre (11CV) (4 cyl, 2120 cc, 40 ch, wb: 2650 mm) - new model
 (KZ14) berline Luxe
 (KZ14) berline Grand Luxe
 (KZ14) conduite intérieure 6 glaces
 (KZ14) coach tólé 4 places avec malle
 (KZ14) coach vitré
 (KZ14) cabriolet
 (KZ14) berline commerciale
Vivaquatre (KZ11) - discontinued (jest to dłuższa wersja Primaquatre)
 berline - ost. rok
 taxi - nowy model, ost. rok
Vivaquatre (11CV) (4 cyl, 2120 cm³, 40 ch) - new model
 (KZ13) berline Luxe (wb: 2890 mm)
 (KZ13) berline Grand Luxe (wb: 2890 mm)
 (KZ13) conduite intérieure Luxe 7 places (wb: 3130 mm)
 (KZ13) conduite intérieure Grand Luxe 7 places (wb: 3130 mm)
 (KZ13) taxi 7 places á toit ouvrant (wb: 3130 mm)
 (KZ13) commerciale 800kg

Primaquatre limousine

Tablica rozdzielcza Primaquatre

Monaqatre 8 CV (retroviseur 31-146)

Primaquatre KZ 10 (retroviseur 6-116, 105-102)



Monaqatre (YN) (4-cyl. 1,5-l.) - nowy model
 coach 4 okna - ost. rok
 coach 2 okna
 limousine - ost. rok



Vivastella (PG) - ost.rok
Primastella (PG6/PG8/PG10)
Nervastella (TG) - ost.rok
 berline 8 cyl.
 limousine 8 cyl.
Nervasport (TG) - ost.rok (4,3 l,)
 berline 8 cyl.
 coach 8 cyl.
 cabriolet 8 cyl.
Reinasport (RM) (8 cyl)
Reinastella (RM4) 8 cyl, 7125 cm³ - ost. rok

Reinastella TYPE RM4 (1933) Single blade bumpers to identify the model 1933.

Primastella coach

Nervasport coach

Reinasport cabriolet





Vivastella (transition model, end of 1933)

Reinastella (transition model, end of 1933)



Vivasport (18CV) (R6 cyl, 3180 cc, 65 ch; wb: 2950 mm) - new model
 (YZ2) berline aerodynamique 4 portes
 (YZ2) berline aerodynamique 2 portes
 (YZ2) coach aerodynamique tólé 2 portes
 (YZ2) coach decapotable
 (YZ2) cabriolet

Vivasport at Paris Motor Show.



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
21-25.01.1933 Rallye Monte Carlo 3   2 34 Guyot Nervasport 2nd
  Liege-Rzym-Liege         Lahaye   1st

Motor SportApril 1933
A Speedy Renault.

Speed demonstrations by standard cars with normal coachwork are always interesting from the sports car owner's point of view, and seem to be specialised in on the Continent and in the U.S.A. A very striking performance of this nature was recently accomplished by a straight-eight Renault, with an occasional four-seater cabriolet body, on the Linas Montlhery autodrome. Driven by Quartresous the car was officially timed by the Automobile Club de France for 6 consecutive hours, at the end of which the remarkable distance of 925 kilometres 853 metres had been covered, at an average speed of roughly 96 m.p.h., the fastest lap being at the rate of 99 m.p.h.
MOTOR SPORT readers will recall the wonderful 24 hour world's record held for many years by a 45 h.p. Renault with enclosed cockpit, and it is possible that this recent run is in the nature of a preliminary try-out for serious record work with the straight-eight model. At all events, 96 m.p.h. for six hours with a completely equipped stock car is a wonderful achievement. For a non-stop run of this nature freedom from tyre trouble is essential, and the Dunlops used on the Renault looked hardly used at the end of six hours.