Classic Car Catalogue

Renault 1950

4 CV
300 kg
Colorale - May
Frégate - October


Nowa wersja furgonu - 3 drzwiowe kombi z 1-litrowym silnikiem.
Colorale Savane break 3-dr w tylnej części karoserii nie miała okien, lecz rolowane zasłony brezentowe.
Sukces w Le Mans rozbudził sportowe apetyty firmy i na salonie w Paryżu zaprezentowano 4 CV z nieco mniejszym silnikiem, który będzie mógł konkurować w klasie H 501-750 cm³.

The Prairie was the first Colorale to be unveiled to journalists in the Parc de Bagatelle in May 1950.
Frégate was unveiled at the 1950 Paris Motor Show.
Followind the success in Le Mans the 4 CV engine capacity was decresad just below 750 ccm to allow to compete in H class (501-750 ccm).
Launched last year découvrable will be now enjoying the same finish level as the most luxurious Grand Luxe. Color range for 1951 includes eight shades: blue Lazuli, red foncé, beige gazelle, green Alsace, green Ardenne, grey Médicis, grey songe and black. The beige gazelle, two greens, grey Médicis and black are known from the previous year, the other colours are new.


4 CV

4CV (R 1060) - discontinued in October
 Normale / Luxe berline (R4 cyl, 760 cc, 18 ch)
 Décapotable (R4 cyl, 760 cc, 18 ch)
 Grand Luxe berline (R4 cyl, 760 cc, 21 ch)
 Commerciale (R 2070) (R4 cyl, 760 cc, 18 ch)
4CV (R 1062) - new model in October (Paris)
 Normale berline (R4 cyl, 748 cc, 17 ch)
 Luxe berline (R4 cyl, 748 cc, 17 ch)
 Grand Luxe berline (R4 cyl, 748 cc, 21 ch)
 Grand Luxe découvrable (R4 cyl, 748 cc, 21 ch)
 Commerciale (R 2071) (R4 cyl, 748 cc, 17 ch)

4 CV décapotable Grand Luxe

The new dash for 1951.

4 CV for the USA market.


300 kg

300 kg 6 CV (4 cyl, 1003 cc)
  (AHG) furgonette
  (R 1080) break - new model



Colorale (4 cyl, 2383 cc, 48 ch)
Pick-up (Coloniale)



Frégate (R4 cyl, 1997 cc)



Entries and results:
  24h Le Mans 24.06.1950 Entrant: Results:
  gen. class perf. ind.
#45 4 CV Vernet / Eckerlein Vernet 27th 3rd - 751-1100 29th
#46 4 CV Sandt / Coatalen Sandt 24th 1st - 751-1100 17th
#47 4 CV Leroy / Joseph Leroy acc. - -
#48 4 CV Lecat / Pons   25th 2nd - 751-1100 18th
#63 4 Cv Gendron / Vinatier Gendron fail. - -

Le Mans.

4 CV bierze udział w Rajdzie Monte Carlo.