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Renault 1959

4 CV
Floride - nowy model
Domaine / Manoir


Firma wyprodukowała 494.158 samochodów i jest drugim (po VW) importerem samochodów w USA.
Rozpoczęto montaż Dauphine u Alfa Romeo.

The Gordini-Dauphine, the high-performance version of the Renault Dauphine, is now available in Britain. Renault Limited announced that delivery started at the beginning of March. The first cars to be delivered will be French-built models, modified to British specifications. All subsequent cars will be assembled at Renault's Acton, London, factory. The Gordini-Dauphine differs from the standard Dauphine in that it has a more powerful engine and a four-speed gearbox. The considerably-modified engine develops 38 b.h.p. at 5,000 r.p.m. with an increased compression ratio of 7.75 to 1. The standard engine develops 30 b.h.p. at 4,250 r.p.m. Inlet and exhaust manifolds are entirely different from the standard engine and a 32 PICBT Solex carburetter is fitted. The cylinder head is of new design, particularly with regard to the shape of the combustion chambers. Inlet and exhaust valves are redesigned, though of the same diameter as standard. Valves are inclined with strengthened valve springs. The rocker-arm shaft is offset and the valve cover has been changed. An offset water pipe with two outlets is mounted on the cylinder head. The standard gearbox is used in modified four-speed form. Syncromesh is used for second, third and fourth. Ratios are : First, 16.19; second, 9.21; third, 6.38; fourth, 4.68; reverse, 16.19 to 1. Maximum speed is said to be 80 m.p.h. from this 850 c.c. saloon. The price of the Gordini-Dauphine in Britain will be £898 7s. (basic £598, plus £300 7s p.t.). A sunshine roof costs £21 extra. No Gordini-Dauphine is fitted with a Ferlec clutch.


4 CV

(R 1062) (4-cyl. 748 cc, 21 KM)

U.S. advert.



Dauphine berline
Dauphine Gordini berline

Polish advertisement for Dauphine.

Dauphine Gordini in the UK.


Frégate, Domaine and Manoir

Frégate berline (R 1103) (R4 cyl, 2141 cc, 77 ch)
Frégate Transfluide berline (R 1104) (R4 cyl, 2141 cc, 80 ch)
Domaine break (R 1103 (R4 cyl, 2141 cc, 77 ch)
Manoir break (R 1104) (R4 cyl, 2141 cc, 80 ch)





(R4 cyl, 845 cc, 26 KM)
break 5 CV (R 2101)

Dauphinoise (retroviseur 76-108)




Floride Cabriolet

Caravelle (Motor Trend, August '59)

Floride Coupé

Caravelle (Motor Trend, August '59)



Zwycięstwo Dauphine w rajdzie Liege-Rzym-Liege w swojej klasie (?)
Zwycięstwo (Orsini) w Rajdzie Korsyki (Dauphine).