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Renault 1960

4 CV
Frégate - discontinued
Domaine / Manoir - discontinued
Dauphinoise - discontinued
Ondine - Paris


Renault's production effort is concentrated on the Dauphine and Floride, with daily outputs running at around 1,580 and 220 respectively. For the French market, the Ondine is a new introduction; it is a de luxe version of the Dauphine and is available also in Gordini form, with 40 b.h.p. gross power output from the engine, compared with 31 b.h.p. of the Dauphine version. The two models are equipped with the Floride type of four-speed gearbox.
The British-assembled Dauphine for some time has included as standard equipment such items as screen washers, pile carpets, chromium-plated body runners, rubber matting for the luggage compartment, special rear lamps and bonnet locks, which are among the items available on the Ondine.
All 1961 Dauphines are fitted with an organ-type throttle pedal; compression ratio is increased from 7.75 to 8.0 to 1 and the width of front brake shoe linings has been increased from 30mm to 35mm. At the same time a pressure-limiting valve s fitted in the rear brake circuit, to prevent wheel locking in the unladen condition.
W lutym wyprodukowano milionowy egzemplarz modelu Dauphine.
Ostatni egzemplarz Frégate opuścił fabrykę 18 kwietnia. Zakończono też produkcję kombi Domaine i Manoir. Tym samym Renault koncentruje się na produkcji samochodów małolitrażowych.
Wywodzący się z przedwojennego Juvaquatre Dauphinoise ustąpi miejsca oczekiwanemu od dawna modelowi 3CV.

4 CV

(R 1062) (4-cyl. 748 cc, 21 KM)

4 CV Affaires

Dauphine and Ondine

Dauphine berline
Dauphine Gordini berline
Ondine berline - new
Ondine Gordini berline - new

Dauphine Gordini

English advert of Dauphine.
Interior of the new, luxurious Ondine, presented at the Paris Motor Show.


Dauphine in the USA.

Frégate, Domaine and Manoir

Frégate berline (R 1103) (R4 cyl, 2141 cc, 77 ch)
Frégate Transfluide berline (R 1104) (R4 cyl, 2141 cc, 80 ch)
Domaine break (R 1103 (R4 cyl, 2141 cc, 77 ch)
Manoir break (R 1104) (R4 cyl, 2141 cc, 80 ch)



(4 cyl, 845 cc, 40 ch-SAE; wb: 2270 mm)



(R4 cyl, 845 cc, 26 KM) - end
break 5 CV (R 2101)