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Renault 1962

R 4
Ondine - discontinued
- new model
R 8 - new model in June


Zaprezentowany w ubiegłym roku R4 otrzymał większy silnik o pojemności 845 cm³ i mocy 26 KM. Mniejszą jednostkę o pojemności 747 cm³ wzmocniono do 28 KM. Mniejszy model 3CV został wycofany z oferty w październiku.
Na podstawie umowy z American Motors Corporation Renault montuje we Francji samochody Rambler.
Jesienią na salonie w Paryżu zaprezentowano R8 z automatyczną skrzynią biegów sterowaną przyciskami na desce rozdzielczej.
Under an agreement concluded with American Motors Corporation (AMC) on 22 November 1961, Renault began selling the Rambler Classic Six (starting with model year 1962) as the Rambler Renault to replace the Frégate. Starting on 11 April 1962, the Rambler Classics are assembled from CKD (Completely Knocked Down) kits at Renault's factory in Haren, Belgium.
YOU won't win any concours d'elegances with Renault 4 but for sheer utility they're almost in a class by themselves. A completely flat floor and no less than five doors, including a hinge-up tail gate, makes the `4' in its two variants an astonishingly roomy and easy-to-enter-and-quit vehicle. If your problem is carrying two persons and enough luggage for four at least, all you do is take the rear seat out bodily (a single wing-nut releases it) and there you have a `hold' with a capacity of fifty cubic feet! With the back seat in, you still have 17 cu. ft. for baggage. The '4', whether in standard or 'L' form (the letter stands for luxe), is as much at home in a wilderness as on the boulevard, thanks to an outsize ground clearance and very soft suspension with an enormous deflection range. These Renaults pioneered the current easier-servicing trend and, with their permanently sealed cooling systems and total absence of chassis greasing points, are unsurpassable in this respect. In contrast with all other Renault cars, the front wheels are driven, the engine being of course in front.
A 10 horse-power deficit, compared with its Gordini stablemates, doesn't prevent the basic Dauphine from being a lively and responsive little car, for the all-important power/ weight ratio remains good, thanks to its tipping the scale at less than 13 cwt. In its current form, the Dauphine has the choice of three- or four-speed gear boxes, the latter giving pleasantly close ratio spacings and shortening acceleration times. All-independent suspension, aided by the Aerostable device for compensating between passenger-and-luggage load variations, achieves a sound compromise between riding comfort and road-holding. In the pink of condition, the Dauphine's rear-mounted engine can be so quiet that, at idling speed, it's difficult to tell whether it is running or stalled. Standard features found on few cars of other than Continental origin include separate parking lights and an anti-thief steering lock.
IF you want to cut a dash without hitting your bank balance too hard, here's the short answer to your problem. Unanimously voted one of the prettiest light cars of the era, the Floride Speciale, a two-seater convertible with an "occasional" third seat at the back, shows what the French stylist can do when he really tries. New since last year's Show is a full four-seater hard-top Coupé, the Caravelle. In common with the Floride Speciale, this has a different, larger and more powerful engine than the Dauphine and Gordini types; it features a five-bearing crankshaft and develops 51 b.h.p. The cylinder head is aluminium.

(London report)

3 CV and R4

R 3 berline 3 CV (R 1121) (747 cc, 26,5 KM) - end in October
R 4 (747 cc, 28 KM)
R 4 Super (R 1122/R1124) (845 cc, 26 KM) - new model


Dauphine and Ondine

Dauphine berline
Dauphine 1093 berline (4 cyl, 845 cm³, 55 ch-SAE; wb: 2270 mm) - nowy model
Ondine - ost. rok
Ondine Gordini - ost. rok

Renault Dauphine Export

Renault Ondine



Dauphine 1093

Dauphine 1093 in the USA

Dauphine Automatic

Dauphine 1093 in the USA

Floride and Caravelle

Floride (4 cyl, 845 cc, 40 ch-SAE) - ost. rok
  Coupé (wb: 2270 mm)
  Cabriolet (wb: 2270 mm)
Floride S (4 cyl, 956 cc, 51 ch-SAE) - nowy model
  Cabriolet (wb: 2270 mm)
Caravelle (4 cyl, 956 cc, 51 ch-SAE) - nowy model
  Coupé (wb: 2270 mm)

Floride Cabriolet

Floride Coupé

Caravelle Coupé (Floride Caravelle) at Earls Court in London.


R 8 berline 5 CV (R 1130)

Renault 8 at Earls Court.

Renault R8
L'AutomobileOctober 1962


Zwycięstwo (Orsini) w Rajdzie Korsyki (R 8).

Renault Dauphine R 1093