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Renault 1963

Floride / Caravelle


Dauphine’s 845 cc engine is used in the R4L.


(747 cm³, 28 KM)
R 4L (845 cm³, 26 KM) - new
R 4 Super (R 1122/R1124) - end

The AutocarNovember 1963
Renault 4L Estate Car 845 c.c.

AMID the flurry of new cars and model revisions at the London Show was an unobtrusive change for the small front-wheel drive Renault 4L. The little 747 c.c. four cylinder engine has been replaced by the more powerful 845 c.c Dauphine unit, which had been fitted to the estate car version for some time past. Accordingly the test of the estate car mostly applies to the ordinary 4L as well, since the only substantial differences now are that the estate car's rear seat can be folded squab-to-cushion and tilted forward, increasing the luggage space.
The 845 c.c. engine has a lower compression ratio than the 747 c.c. one to enable it to run on cheap fuel, and although its peak power remains modest at 28 b.h.p. net-only 4 b.h.p. more than that of the smaller engine-there is a very worthwhile increase in torque, and all acceleration figures are considerably improved. Moreover, the mean top speed (compared with the 747 c.c. 4L tested in March 1962) is up by almost 30 per cent from 54 to nearly 70 m.p.h., which makes it clear that there was far more than a mere 4 b.h.p. between the two test cars.

4 L Break


Dauphine berline
Dauphine 1093 berline (4 cyl, 845 cm³, 55 ch-SAE; wb: 2270 mm) - ost. rok (2140 szt.)
Dauphine Automatic berline - nowy model
Dauphine Gordini berline - wznowiony


Dauphine Gordini

Dauphine R 1093

Dauphine in the USA.


berline 5 CV (R 1130)


Floride and Caravelle

Floride S (4 cyl, 956 cm³, 51 ch-SAE) - ost. rok
  Cabriolet (R 1131) (wb: 2270 mm)
Caravelle (4 cyl, 956 cm³, 51 ch-SAE) - ost. rok
  Coupé (R 1131) (wb: 2270 mm)
Caravelle 1100 (4 cyl, 1108 cm³, 55 ch-SAE) - nowy model
  Coupé (wb: 2270 mm)
  Cabriolet (wb: 2270 mm)

Caravelle Coupé

Caravelle Coupé

Floride S

Caravelle 1100

Caravelle 1100