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Renault 1964



Renault sprzedaje montowane w Europie amerykańskie Ramblery.

Ceny niektórych modeli Renault: R4 - 5200 NF, Dauphine - 5900 NF, R8 - 6990 NF, R8 Major - 7990 NF, Caravelle - 10960 NF.

A more powerful model, the R8 Major (model R1132), was released in 1964, featuring an 1108 cc engine developing 50 bhp. A still more powerful version, the R8 Gordini model R1134 , was also released this year, with a tuned engine of the same capacity but developing 90 bhp. The extra power is obtained by a cross-flow head and twin dual-choke 40mm side-draft Solex carburetors. A four-speed close ratio manual transmission, dual rear shock absorbers and uprated springs are fitted. The R1134 Gordini is available only in blue, with two stick-on white stripes. It is also distinguishable from the 8 Major by the bigger 200mm headlamp units.

Following on from their Gordini-Dauphine, Renault have introduced the Gordini R8 1100, which has a claimed top speed of 105 m.p.h. Amedee Gordini has tuned the engine by fitting a crossflow light alloy head with 10-to-1 compression-ratio, twin Solex carburetters and a new exhaust system; power output is 95 b.h.p. at 6,500 r.p.m., which is almost double that of the standard R8. The suspension is lowered, the steering ratio is raised and interior modifications have been made, while the big disc brakes have servo assistance. The car is distinguished by two white stripes down the roof.
(The Autocar, Octocer '64)



R4 (747 cm³, 28 KM)
R4L (845 cm³, 26 KM)
R4 Parisienne 5 CV (R 1123) - nowy model



Dauphine berline
Dauphine Automatic berline
Dauphine Gordini berline

Renault Dauphine (R 1094) Export

Dauphine Automatic in the USA.



R8 berline 5 CV (R 1130)
R8 Major berline - nowy model
R8 Gordini berline - nowy model


Caravelle 1100

Caravelle 1100 (4 cyl, 1108 cm³, 55 ch-SAE)
  Coupé (wb: 2270 mm)
  Cabriolet (wb: 2270 mm)

Caravelle Cabriolet

Caravelle Coupé




PUSHED into making an early announcement due to a leakage in the French Press, Renault have issued pictures of their 1500 model which will go into production next Spring.

Following the disclosure of details of their newest model in the French paper Auto Journal, Renault hurriedly supplied pictures and brief details of the new car which will not go into production until next spring and will not be available in Britain until next autumn. The 1500, as it is called, has front-wheel drive but no further details have been released.



Zwycięstwo (Vinatier) w Rajdzie Korsyki (R 8 Gordini).