Classic Car Catalogue

Rover 1930

Great Britain

10/25 HP (R4 cyl, 1185 cm³,) (od 1927)
12 HP

Light Six Saloon with six-light Weymann body on 8 ft 10 in wheelbase chassis.

Light Six z siln. 6cyl, 2023 cm³ zwyciężył w wyścigu St. Raphael – Calais.

Rover Light Six has 8 ft 10 in wheelbase chassis with 15.7 HP six-cylinder OHV engine. Gearbox is three-speed, tyre size 5.00-19. Other 1930 Rovers includes 10/25, Two-Litre and Meteor models.



Motor Sport; Sports Models for 1931 October 1930

An improved 10-25 h.p., a two-litre, the "Meteor" model, and a new type, known as the "Light Twenty," make of the new season Rover range. Each is available as a Sportsman's coupe. Chassis prices respectively : £189, £298, £398 and £358.
The engine of the new chassis is a six-cylinder of 72 mm. bore and 105 mm. stroke, its rated horse power being 19.3; in conjunction with the four-speed gearbox and the comparatively low weight of the car as a whole, this gives it a remarkable performance, together with reasonable economy. The gearbox provides four speeds and is similar in design to that on the Meteor, with a silent third gear by the use of double helical pinions. This and the greater power available, enable a high back axle ratio to be employed, the actual gears being 4.7, 6.8, 9.95 and 17.7 to 1. Apart from the engine, the chassis of the Light Twenty is very similar to that of the two-litre on which also, the "silent third" four-speed gear-box is now standardised. Another improvement on the two-litre chassis is the incorporation of a positive pump instead of vacuum feed for the carburettor from the ten gallon petrol tank at the rear


2- litre