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Rover 1933


Great Britain

Rover Family Ten Coachbuilt Saloon cost £195 with three-speed gearbox. The 1185-cc (63 x 95 mm) four-cylinder OHV engine develop 25 bhp at 3600 rpm and for an extra £5 the customer can order optional four-speed transmission. Wheelbase is 8 ft 8 in, tyre size 4.50-18.
Rover Ten Special is offered with two standard bodies, the Coachbuilt Saloon at £228 and the Coachbuilt Coupé at £248. A choice of special bodies is available also. The car feature Protectoglass windscreen, Startix automatic restarter (a system whereby the starter automatically re-engaged if the engine stalled), sliding roof, folding luggage grid, etc. Engine is same as in Family Ten but output is 27 bhp at 3800 rpm and four-speed gearbox with freewheel is standard.



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
14-18.03.1933 R.A.C. Rally       T. D. W. Weston Meteor 2565 cc 16 hpā†’ 1st
            M. C. Wilks 1577 cc 10ā†’16 hp 3rd
            G. F. Searle 1577 cc 10ā†’16 hp 5th
Rover Meteor 1933 RAC Rally
T. D. W. Weston's Meteor during the acceleration and braking test at the R.A.C. Rally.