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Rover 1965

Great Britain

P5 3-Litre
P6 2000
Land Rover


Dwa lata temu napędzany turbiną gazową Rover BRM brał udział w wyścigu Le Mans poza konkursem. Tym razem zdecydowano się wystawić samochód do bezpośredniego współzawodnictwa. Sukces był blisko, ale do wnętrza turbiny dostało się ciało obce powodując awarię. Mimo to pojazd dotarł do mety.


3-Litre Mk II

3-Litre Saloon 4-door
3-Litre Coupé 4-door
Engine: 2995 cc

Rover 3-Litre Saloon


3-Litre Coupé



2000 1978 cc, 90 bhp


Rover 2000


24h Le Mans 20.06.1965 Entrant: Results: Index
#         gen. class perf. eff.
31 Rover-BRM Turbine   Hill/Stewart Owen Racing Organization 10th 2nd prot. 1.6-2.0 10th 9th

Rover BRM (Graham Hill / Jackie Stewart) at 24h Le Mans, Owen Racing Organization.

MAKING ITS debut at Le Mans last year, the Rover Gas-Turbine competed for-and won-the special prize for the first gas-turbine to complete 24 hours at an average of more than 93.2 m.p.h. It did not, however, compete directly against the other cars, though in fact it took eighth position overall. This year, a basis for comparison between piston-engined and gasturbine cars has been established and the Rover-completely revised -is to run in the 2-litre class, in direct competition with the rest of the field. Though the general layout of rear engine and gearbox is similar to last year's, the body is an aerodynamic two-seater G.T. Coupé with drooping nose and high, square tail. The tubular frame has been altered only in detail since last year; front suspension is identical, with unequal-length wishbones, and rear suspension is similar to that of the current formula 1 B.R.M. The 1964 engine has been substantially improved, providing more rapid power response, and considerably improved economy since a heat exchanger will be incorporated for the race. As this unit is still under development it will not be fitted for the practice periods this weekend, at Le Mans.

Jackie Stewart getting into a Rover BRM Turbine during practice at Le Mans.








Land Rover

Regular 88 series IIA, wheelbase (2200 mm)
Long 109 sereis IIA, wheelbase (2769 mm)
Forward Control IIA, wheelbase (2769 mm)
4 cyl. petrol, 2286 cc, 77 bhp
4 cyl. diesel, 2286 cc, 62 bhp
6 cyl. petrol, 2625 cc, 90 bhp (FC export only)

Land Rover 88

Land Rover

Forward Control



Land Rover 88

Land Rover 88 used by the British Military.

Fire Engine on the Land Rover Forward Control chassis.