Classic Car Catalogue

Rover 1967

Great Britain

P5 3 Litre Mk III 2995 cm³ - ost. rok
P5 3,5 Litre V8 Saloon 3532 cm³ - nowy model
P6 2000 1978 cm³- nowe wersje SC 90 KM i TC 110 KM

The peculiar chassis design repeatedly draws attention to the Rover 2000. In particular the front suspension with toggle levers and horizontal, high in the body body mounted coil springs. in the rear there is a modified De Dion axle. An important safety feature is the very short steering. On the other hand, the lack of dual-circuit hydraulics for the four-wheel disc brakes is a clear lack. Except the 2000 Rover still offers the 3-Litre model.

Land Rover 88 i 109 s.IIA 2286 cm³benzynowy lub diesel - nowa wersja 6-cyl. 2625 cm³ montowany w modelu 109.

Rover został przejęty przez Leylanda.


3-Litre (P5) and 3.5-Litre (P5B)

3 Litre Mk III Saloon 2995 cc – discontinued
3 Litre Mk III Coupé 2995 cc – discontinued
3,5 Litre V8 Saloon 3532 cc – new model
3,5 Litre V8 Coupé 3532 cc – new model
P5B from 1967 had 3.5 litre V8 with 161 bhp and top speed 110 mph. Rostyle wheels and detail trim differences. Automatic only.

3,5 Litre Saloon


3,5 Litre Coupé


2000 (P6)

2000 SC 1978 cc, 90 bhp
2000 TC 1978 cc, 110 bhp – new model

2000 SC

2000 TC

2000 TC Coupé by Graber.


Land Rover

88 series IIA, wheelbase 2235 mm
109 sereis IIA, wheelbase 2769 mm
Forward Control IIB, wheelbase 2794 mm
4 cyl. petrol, 2286 cc
4 cyl. diesel, 2286 cc
6 cyl. petrol, 2625 cc, 90 bhp (optional on FC only)
6 cyl. petrol, 2625 cc, 95 bhp (on LWB only) – new engine
2.6-litre straight six petrol engine was introduced for use in the long-wheelbase models, complemented by standard-fit servo-assisted brakes. This engine had been developed for the Rover P4 and P5 cars, but was introduced into the Land Rover range to supply extra power for the Forward Control 2A. The dashboard is also re-designed incorporating single concealed wiper motor.


Land Rover

88 Hardtop

88 Basic model

Land Rover under Leyland control.


New 6-cylinder option for the 109" range makes the Land-Rover comfortably at home cruising down the motorway. A 6-cylinder, 2.6 Litre petrol engine that gives Land-Rover power to cruise faster, accelerate quicker, run quieter. All this and improved fuel economy.
And this new power is matched by a host of other improvements to the 109" range. There's a heavy duty 92" diaphragm spring clutch to cope with the extra power. It bristles with new safety features. Servo-assisted brakes. Safety-belts. Laminated windscreen and twin horns.
The door sealing has also been improved to make the Land-Rover cosier. A new speedo and temperature gauge have been incorporated in the re-styled facia and de-luxe trim adds the finishing touch.
The Land-Rover has 38 body styles with options of 4- or 6-cylinder petrol engine or 4-cylinder diesel engine. So see your LandRover dealer now. He's the man in the know.




88 Diesel interior

Land Rover 109 s.IIA Station Wagon

6-cylinder engine and the new dashdoard.