Classic Car Catalogue

Rolls Royce 1934

20/25 HP (6 cyl., 3669 cc; wb: 3275/3350 mm)
Phantom II (6 cyl., 7668 cc; wb: 3650/3810 mm)

Great Britain

Rolls-Royce 20/25 engine is 3669-cc (82 x 114 mm) OHV Six of 25.3 HP, chassis price £1050. Also available is 7668-cc (108 x 140 mm) 43.3 HP LWB chassis, Model 40/50 Phantom.


20/25 HP


20/25 hp, either GAE12 or GRF4 when new, with semi swept-tail and the high waist which Arnold employed.

20/25 hp GFE25. The attention to the contrasted mouldings, the flat roof line, and the polished discs, exemplify the house style.


Phantom II