Classic Car Catalogue

Rolls Royce 1955

Silver Dawn - discontinued (1949-55 - 760 ex.)
Silver Wraith
Silver Cloud - new model
Phantom IV

Great Britain

In October 1953 the Silver Dawn model became available on the home market, more than four years after its original announcement; all those built previously had been for export only. It was discontinued in the spring of 1955, in favour of the new Silver Cloud model.
Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud was announced in the spring of 1955 and is virtually identical to the S-Type Bentley, except for the radiator shell design and wheel hub caps. The standard steel body has aluminium bonnet, door and boot lid panels. The 4887-cc engine-similar to the Bentley Continental power unit-has twin SU carburettors and a 6.6:1 compression ratio. As usual, the power output and torque figures are not disclosed. Automatic transmission is standard-a manual gearbox is not offered. PAS and air con optional.
Also available is the Silver Wraith Series E chassis with a larger engine-4887 cc v. 4566 cc-anti-roll bar at front, and automatic transmission as standard.


Silver Dawn

Silver Dawn (6 cyl., 4566 cc; wb: 3050 mm)

Standard Saloon



Silver Wraith

Silver Wraith (6 cyl., 4566 cc; wb: 3225/3380 mm) - discontinued
Silver Wraith (6 cyl., 4887 cc; wb: 3380 mm) - new model


Phantom IV

Phantom IV (8 cyl., 5675 cc; wb: 3680 mm)


Silver Cloud

Silver Cloud (6 cyl., 4887 cc; wb: 3125 mm)