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Rolls Royce 1959

Silver Cloud - discontinued (1955-59 - 2359 ex.)
Silver Cloud II - new model
Silver Wraith - discontinued (1946-59 - 1783 ex.)
Phantom V - new model

Great Britain

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud Long-Wheelbase Saloon is a Park Ward conversion of the elegant steel saloon, lengthened to suit the 4-inch increase in wheelbase. The car is designed for dual-purpose use viz. as a limousine, chauffeur driven, with the electrically-operated glass division raised, as well as for holiday/ pleasure motoring when the division could be lowered. The side windows are also electrically-operated.
Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud is now designated 'Silver Cloud II' and features a number of changes including a larger engine (V8, 6230-cc in place of six-cylinder 4887-cc) power-assisted steering as standard, revised facia and the heating, demisting and air cooling units located under the front wings.

Rolls-Royce Phantom V Limousine was introduced in the summer of 1959. A long wheelbase, luxuriously equipped vehicle, which is mechanically similar to the Silver Cloud and Bentley Series 'S' models is available in a number of styles including seven-seater versions from James Young and Park Ward and touring models from James Young and H. J. Mulliner.


Silver Cloud
Silver Cloud II

Silver Cloud (6 cyl., 4887 cc; wb: 3125/3225 mm) - discontinued
Silver Cloud II (V8 cyl., 6230 cc; wb: 3125/3225 mm) - new model

Silver Cloud II Saloon

Silver Cloud II Long Wheel Base with Division


Silver Wraith

Silver Wraith (6 cyl., 4887 cc; wb: 3380 mm)


Phantom V

Phantom V (V8 cyl., 6230 cc; wb: 3680 mm)