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Saab 1961


96 (841 cc, 38 hp; wb: 2488 mm)
95 (841 cc, 38 hp; wb: 2488 mm)
GT 750 (748 cc, 50/55 hp, wb: 2488 mm) – discontinued

  An air "slicer", intended to keep the rear window clear, is introduced on the Saab 95 in March. It also gained the same instrument panel as the 96. From August the 95 came with silver-grey wheels. All 1961 models now had key activated starter motors - gone was the starter Cord and toggle beneath the dash panel. The Saab GT750 is now built on the Saab 96 chassis.


Saab 96

Saab 95



Zwycięstwo (Carlsson/ Karlsson) w Rajdzie Akropolu (96).
Zwycięstwo (Carlsson/ Brown) w Rajdzie R.A.C. (96).
Zwycięstwo (Skogh/ Skogh) w Rajdzie Szwedzkim (96).

Eric Carlsson won the Acropolis Rally


Erik Carlsson enters for the Monte Carlo Rally in a Saab 95 — the factory's only four-speed car. Finishes in fourth place.