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Saab 1965


96 / 95 (841 cm³, 44 KM)
Monte Carlo 850 (841 cm³, 55 KM)
MFI – prototype (February)
Catherina – prototype (April)



1965 Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget becomes Saab Aktiebolaget. The new name was registered on 19 May.

The production of the 1965 models started on 19 August 1964 with a 95 and 96 featuring a somewhat new and longer front. The cars now had a completely redesigned cooling system that include the positioning of the radiator ahead of the engine rather than behind it. The engine compression ratio was increased to 8.1:1 which in turn raised the power output to 44hp. Other changes include a hydraulically operated clutch, a new fuel pump, a new exhaust system and foot pedals that are hung from the top. The rear lamps were given a new colour combination with orange for the direction indicators. Model year colours are Olive Green, Torreador Red, Polar White, Midnight Blue, Savannah Brown and Glacier Blue.

Work on Catherina commenced in January 1963 and by May work began on the assembly of a prototype at the Svenska Järnvagsverkstäderna (ASJ) workshops in Katrineholm (hence the car's name). The prototype was first shown on 24th April 1965 at the Linköping Sports Centre. The Catherina have a targa top that can be neatly stowed in the boot. Test drives of the Catherina revealed the need for more development before production could be commenced.
In the meantime a competitor in the form of MFI13 had appeared on the scene. The MFI13 is the creation of Björn Karlstrm and Björn Andreasson. It was manufactured by Malmö Flygindustri (MFI) and project number 13 was chosen since there is no way the number would be used by superstitious airmen! The body is produced from sheet steel by Heinel's, a coachbuilder in Malmö, care being taken so that the panels could be used as a mould for the future production of plastic bodies. An anticipated development grant never materialised so Saab stepped in. The MFI13 proved to be more superior car to Sason's Catherina so it was chosen as the basis of the forthcoming sports Saab. The MFI13 prototype has a three-cylinder two-stroke engine with three carburettors. It has achieved a top speed of 150km/h with 0 to 100km/h taking just 13.7 seconds.

96 and 95


Saab 96

Saab 96 Sport

Saab 95




Saab MFI Sonett (motor 65/12-2, 14-12)

Saab Catherina - prototyp z nadwoziem typu targa.



Trzecie miejsce (Moss-Carlsson/ Nyström) w RMC (Saab 96).

Eric Carlsson na trasie rajdu RAC w tym samym Saabie 96, w którym dwa lata temu wygrał Rajd Monte Carlo.