Classic Car Catalogue

Sabra 1965

Sussita – discontinued  
Carmel 12    
Sussita 12 – new model  

Perhaps not truly of world importance, another new model is on show, this time from the Israeli firm of Sabra. It is an enlarged version of the Carmel utility vehicle in glass fibre, but now powered by the Ford Cortina 1200 engine.
(Geneva report)



wb: 2160 mm (Ford)
4 cyl.
997 cc
37 hp (SAE)
2-dr kombi  



Carmel and Sussita

  wb: 2300 mm (Ford)
4 cyl.
1198 cc
53 hp (SAE)
Carmel 2-dr sedan  
Sussita 2-dr kombi  




wb: 2285 mm (Ford)
4 cyl. ohv
1703 cc
90 bhp