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Serenissima 1966

Jet Competizione          
Torpedo Competizione          


Jet Competizione

Torpedo Competizione

The Jet Stadale was transformed into a Jet Competizione.
Torpedo Competizione made it's aperance at 24-Hour Le Mans. Driven by  Jean-Claude Sauer and Baron Jean de Mortemart car completed 42 laps before the transmission broke down.
In the 24-Hour Le Mans Volpi introduced the Jungla with with a coupé body by Bernard Quentin. The prototype has no engine.



Entries and results:
24h Le Mans 19.06.1966   Results: Index:
#   engine:   Entrant: gen. class perf. eff.
24 Spyder ATS 3472 cm³ Sauer/Mortemart San Marco fail. - - -

Scuderia San Marco, Serenissima Spyder, engine: ATS 3472 cm³ (Jean-Claude Sauer / Jean de Mortemart) at 24h Le Mans.