Classic Car Catalogue

Singer 1932

8 Junior (848 cc) - discontinued
10 (1261 cc) - discontinued
9 (972 cc) - new model

Great Britain

The Singer new season programme comprises the following:
12 h.p. six-cylinder (side-valve engine),
eighteen h.p. six-cylinder (side valve engine),
18 h.p. "Silent Six" (overhead valve engine) the Kaye Don saloon,
10 h.p. four-cylinder
With the exception of the " Junior " all these models are classed as touring cars, either in open or closed form. The following are the principal details of these various types :
"Twelve-Six"— Dimensions : 59 x 90 mm. and cubic capacity of 1,476 c.c. The Treasury rating is 12.95 h.p. and the tax £13. Ignition by coil and distributor and cooling by thermosyphon, fan assisted. A four-speed gearbox with central control with silent third speed, suspension by long semi-elliptic springs encased in leather gaiters, the rear springs being underslung ; shock absorbers all round. Tank mounted at the rear of the chassis and is fitted with a two-way tap controlling a reserve supply.
"Eighteen-Six"—Dimensions : 69.5 x 90 mm. and capacity, 2,050 c.c. Treasury rating, 17.9 h.p. The body is standardised with a patent sliding roof and Triplex glass all round. The price of the saloon is £280. Like the " Twelve-Six " the new " Eighteen-Six " has a four-speed gearbox with a " Hi-lo " alternative top.
The new "Silent Six" has the same bore as the" Eighteen-Six "but its longer stroke of 95 mm. provides a total cubic capacity of 2,180 c.c. The engine is of the overhead valve type push rod operated and a seven bearing crankshaft fitted with a vibration damper is employed. The pistons are of special aluminium alloy and the connecting rods of duralumin. The long semi-elliptic springs are encased in gaiters, the rear springs being underslung, and as in the case of the Eighteen-Six, are damped by Luvax hydraulic double acting shock absorbers front and rear. Included in the specification are Dewandre vacuum servo brakes, Marles steering, 30 x 5ins. Dunlop tyres on Magna wire wheels, bumpers front and rear, and Triplex glass all round. The price is £330 for the saloon.
The "Kaye Don" saloon has a chassis similar to that of the "Silent Six." The price is £480.
Turning to the smaller Singers, increased power has been obtained from the engine which as in the past is of the overhead camshaft type. Full forced feed lubrication is provided and the four-speed gearbox now has a silent third gear. The brake mechanism has been re-designed and improved and a new type radiator has been fitted. A sturdier frame gives lower body mounting with a corresponding lower centre of gravity. Four models are listed, the two-seater at £130, the four-seater at £140, the saloon at £150 and the special sports two-seater at £150. A Triplex screen is supplied in each case. The Junior "Special" in the main has the same chassis specification as the standard model, but the engine dimensions are increased-60 x 86 mm., Treasury rating 8.93 h.p. This provides a big increase in power output.
The last of the four-cylinder Singers is the 10 h.p. car which was introduced for the first time at the Olympia Show last year. It has been improved in many respects, chief amongst which may be mentioned the inclusion of a silent third gear and very much more powerful engine. With very full equipment it is sold at £180 as a four-seater and £199 as a saloon.
Manufacturers' address : Singer 6Co., Ltd., Coventry.

Motor Sport, October 1931, Models for 1932

Singer produce a wide range of models, varying from the £130 Junior Two-Seater to the £480 Kaye Don Six Saloon.
Nine Sports Coupé took part in the Monte Carlo Rally. It has a 972-cc (60 x 86 mm) 24.9-bhp four-cylinder engine, rated at 8.93 HP. It was introduced in August, 1932, for the 1933 model year.







March '32

Nine Sports Coupé model 1933.

Motor Sport November 1932
Sports cars for 1933.

The Singer "9" sports model in two-seater form has scored considerable success in 1932, notably in winning a cup in the Alpine Trial, and the four-seater which replaces it looks capable of extending the reputation of the marque.
The 972 c.c. four-cylinder engine has a chain operated overhead camshaft, and by raising the compression and fitting two down-draft Zenith carburettors, 30 h.p. is produced at 4,700 r.p.m. The Perm-Mesh four-speed gear box has silent second and third gears, and a remote control to bring the lever under the driver's hand. The chassis is of conventional type, sturdy and well-braced. Lockheed hydraulic brakes operate in ten inch drums.
A smart two-door four-seater costs £185, while the sports coupe is offered at £199.



Entries and results:
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
01.1932  Rallye Monte Carlo     1 32  Gordon-Simpson   27th
  29.07.1932 Coupe des Alpes 2 2 2       Coupe des Glaciers