Classic Car Catalogue

Singer 1946

Super Ten
Super Twelve - December
Nine Roadster - May

Great Britain

Singer Nine Roadster appeared in May 1946. It have aluminium-panelled four-seater bodywork, a 1074-cc (60 x 95 mm) OHC engine with one SU carburettor, three-speed gearbox and 7 ft 7 in wheelbase. Price £493.
Singer Super Ten went into production in December 1945, and have an 1193-cc (63.25 x 95 mm) 37-bhp OHC engine.
In December 1946 the Super Twelve Saloon was added. It is similar to the Super Ten, but somewhat larger, and powered by a 43-bhp 1525-cc (68 x 105 mm) engine, also with overhead camshaft. Wheelbase sizes are 7 ft 11 in and 8 ft 7 in respectively.


Ten and Twelve

Super Ten (1193cc, 37 bhp)
  Saloon (wb: 7'11'')
Super Twelve (1525cc, 43 bhp)
  Saloon (wb: 8'7'')


Nine Roadster

Nine (1074cc, 36 bhp)
 Roadster (wb: 7'7'')