Classic Car Catalogue

Singer 1951

SM 1500
Nine Roadster - discontinued
SM Roadster - new model

Great Britain

Singer Nine Model 4AB Roadster, introduced in October 1950, is an improved version of the Model 4A (launched in Sept. 1949). Modifications include a shorter radiator with a small valance at its base, longer and sweeping front wings, fixed bonnet sides and centrally hinged bonnet top, plain bumpers, full disc type wheels, improved seats, larger brakes and independent front suspension with coil springs. The Model AB, which sold at £666, was discontinued in October 1951.
Engine size of the saloon is reduced to place the car in lower tax class. The same engine is used in the new SM Roadster initially built for export only..


SM 1500

SM 1500 (1506 cc, 48 bhp) - discontinued
SM 1500 (1497 cc, 48 bhp) - new model
 Saloon (wb: 8'11½'')


Nine Roadster

4AB (1074 cc, 36 bhp) - end
 Roadster (wb: 7'7'')


SM Roadster

SM (1497 cc, 48 bhp) - new model
 Roadster (wb: 7'7'')