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Singer 1960

Gazelle Mk IIIA - discontinued
Gazelle Mk IIIB - August

Great Britain

Singer Gazelle Series IIIA was announced in September 1959. The four cylinder, 1494-cc, ohv engine is fitted with twin-carburettors, a special manifold, close-ratio gearbox, larger windscreen and headlamp cowls. Changes were also made to the body side flashes and rear light units. Convertible and estate car versions are also available.
Gazelle Mk IIIB reverted to a single carburettor engine and get hypoid-bevel rear axle.


Gazelle Mk III

Gazelle IIIA (1494 cc, 60 bhp) - end
Gazelle IIIB (1494 cc, 54 bhp) - August
 Saloon (wb: 8'0'')
 Convertible (wb: 8'0'')
 Estate (wb: 8'0'')

October '59 advert

May advert.

Gazelle Convertible

Gazelle Estate Car.