Classic Car Catalogue

Singer 1961

Gazelle Mk IIIB - discontinued
Gazelle Mk IIIC - July
Vogue - July

Great Britain

Singer Gazelle Series IIIC was announced in July 1961. It is distinguishable from the superseded Series IIIB (first introduced in September 1960) by a larger engine- (1592 cc), '1600' motifs on front doors, larger warning lights and a heater fitted as standard. Ammeter and oil pressure gauge are optionally available.
Singer Vogue Saloon. Introduced in July this new model is fitted with double headlamps with angled chromium framing strips and squarer radiator grille. The engine is a four-cylinder, 1592-cc, ohv unit, developing 66.25 bhp at 4800 rpm, and four-speed manual or three-speed automatic transmissions are offered.

Gazelle Mk III

Gazelle IIIB (1494 cc, 54 bhp) - end
Gazelle IIIC (1592 cc, 53 bhp) - July
 Saloon (wb: 8'0'')
 Convertible (wb: 8'0'')
 Estate (wb: 8'0'')

Gazelle Estate Car – October'60 advert.

Singer Gazelle convertible


Vogue (1592 cc, 62 bhp) - July
 Saloon (wb: 8'5'')

offer you so much more
in the new
  The NEW SINGER VOGUE SALOON is the latest and finest of the Singer models, newly designed throughout. It is powered by a highly efïicient 1.6 litre engine, of brilliant, balanced performance, specially developed for lively response and a high cruising speed. The attractive modern styling incorporates two twin head-lights for night driving safety, and wrapped-round sereens front and rear.
The new design of the Singer Vogue saloon provides generous accommodation, with ample seating space and a very high degree of luxury and comfort for driver and passengers. Improvements in design ensure a smooth and very steady ride, with a firm roadgrip on all surfaces. A wide range of equipment is provided as Standard. There are, as shown in this brochure, so many special features which contribute to the efficient, modern design of the new Singer Vogue saloon. This is a car which will delight you by its appearance and performance. It is a car you will admire and desire to own - because it brings you so much more prestige, pleasure and motoring value.