Classic Car Catalogue

Singer 1964

Gazelle Mk V
Vogue Mk II - discontinued
Vogue Mk III - autumn
Chamois - October

Great Britain

The Singer Chamois is an up market Hillman Imp launched in 1963 with the same mechanical spec and body. External differences are wider wheels, dummy grille, double chrome side flashes, over riders, wheel trims, and chrome strips on rear deck. Internally it is better trimmed with wood veneer and extra instruments on the dash and extra padding and sound insulation.
The Singer Vogue for 1965 gets new roof and windscreen, more powerfull engine, individual front seats, all synchromesh gearbox. Borg Warner automatic trasmision or Laycock overdrive extra.
By the early 1960s Rootes were finding themselves increasingly in deeper financial trouble. There had been teething problems with the Imp, the two medium car ranges (Minx and Super Minx families) were proving to be a drain on resources and industrial relations problems were bringing production to a standstill. Rootes found themselves with no option than to seek a merger with another company. Talks with Leyland came to nothing. In 1964, a deal was made with Chrysler who bought 30% of the voting shares and 50% of the non-voting shares in the company.
An additional model, called the Singer Chamois, is announced. The Chamois is really a de luxe Hillman Imp, with improved front seats, a wood-veneered facia, extra instruments and so on. The price is £581 11s. 3d.
The Singer Vogue now has the 84-b.h.p. 1,600-c.c. engine in place of the 62-b.h.p. version.

(London report)

Gazelle Mk V

Gazelle V (1592 cc, 53/58 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8'0'')


Vogue Mk II

Vogue II (1592 cc, 62 bhp) - end
 Saloon (wb: 8'5'')
 Estate (wb: 8'5'')


Vogue Mk III

Vogue III (1592 cc, 78 bhp) - autumn
 Saloon (wb: 8'5'')
 Estate (wb: 8'5'')



Chamois (875 cc, 37 bhp) - new
 Saloon (wb: 6'10'')