Classic Car Catalogue

Standard 1948

Eight - discontinued
Twelve - discontinued
Fourteen - discontinued

Great Britain

Produkcja dotychczasowych modeli została w tym roku wstrzymana. Ósemki powstawały do lipca a wytwarzanie Dwunastek i Czternastek zakończono między lipcem a wrześniem. W październiku pojawiły się nowe wersje Vanguarda: kombi , van i pick up.
The old pre-war models gave way to the all new Vanguard in the summer. Standard decided to pursue a one-model policy with their new and very attractive Vanguard Saloon, Series 20S. It is a new car from the ground up and went into full-scale quantity production in 1948. Initially, i.e. until the end of the year, practically all Vanguards were exported. The car have IFS, four-cylinder OHV engine (2088 cc; 85 x 92 mm ; 68 bhp at 4000 rpm), three-speed gearbox, with right-hand column shift, 7 ft 10 in wheelbase, 1 3 ft 10 in overall length, 5 ft 9 in overall width (providing accommodation for up to six passengers) and 5.50-16 tyres. In October an Estate Car variant was introduced, followed by a Van and later a Pick-up truck. Basically the same engine is used in the Ferguson tractor.


(4 cyl, 2088 cc, 68 bhp; wb: 7' 10'')
 Estate - new model
 Van - new model
 Pick-up - new model



8 (4 cyl, 1009 cc, 28 bhp; wb: 6' 11'')
 Drophead Coupé


Twelve and Fourteen

12 (4 cyl, 1609 cc, 44 bhp; wb: 8' 4'')
14 (4 cyl, 1776 cc, 49 bhp; wb: 8' 4'')
 Drophead Coupé

12 Saloon