Classic Car Catalogue

Standard 1959

Eight - discontinued
Ten - discontinued
Companion - new model
Vanguard Vignale

Great Britain

Standard Ten Companion Estate Car is continued with a number of styling changes which include a grille of three horizontal bars incorporating combined sidelights and flashing trafficators, and wings which are extended to form hoods for the headlamps.
Although Vanguard Vignale Saloon mechanically similar to its predecessor the Vanguard Phase III this new model feature subtle body changes made by the Italian stylist Michelotti (in conjunction with Vignale), including a higher roof line, larger windows, a new radiator grille flanked by front lights set in chrome extensions, and modified rear light clusters. The Vanguard Estate Car feature similar changes.
Standard Triumph International zostal przeksztalcony w spółkę akcyjna Standard Motor Company (1959) Ltd.
Modele Eight i Ten zakończyły karierę wynikiem 172.500 szt. (10) i 136.317 szt. (8). W ofercie pozostaje zmodernizowowany na wzór Pennanta Companion.

Eight and Ten

8 (803 cm³)
 Saloon - discontinued in July
10 (948 cm³)
 Ten Saloon - discontinued in July
 Ten Companion - discontinued in April

3 US adverts.

Pennant and Companion

(948 cm³)
Pennant Saloon
Companion Estate - new model in April

4 page brochure.


(1670 cm³)


Vanguard Vignale

(2088 cm³)