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Sunbeam 1958

Rapier Series I - discontiniued
Rapier Series II - Geneva

Great Britain

Rapier s.I was superseeded by Series II early in the year. 7,477 Series I models were built. Series II differs from the Series I by an completely changed traditional Talbot grille and flared tail fins which merged with distinctive full-length bodyside flashes. Mechanical changes include the adoption of a 1494-cc 73-bhp engine, called the Rallymaster. A Convertible version is also offered.



Series IA (1390 cc, 67 bhp) - end
Series II (1494 cc, 68 bhp) - new

Rapier s.I

Rapier s.II


Rapier Convertible at the Geneva Motor Show



Zwycięstwo (Harper) w rajdzie R.A.C. (Rapier)