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Sunbeam 1963

Rapier Series IIIA - ost.rok. 17,354 were made.
Rapier Series IV - October
Alpine Series II - ost.rok
Alpine Harrington
Alpine Series III - nowy model - ost.rok
Venezia Touring Superleggera - nowy model

Great Britain

Last Rapier convertibles made in 1963.
Rapier Mk IV from the autumn of 1963 have flatter bonnet line, revised grille incorporating sidelights. Power is increased to 84 bhp with bigger valves and twin choke carb. Servo brakes standardised. The road wheels are reduced in size from 15 inches to 13 inches.
Alpine Mk III of 1963 have twin choke carb, servo brakes and modified suspension. Doors gained quarter lights, a new interior and a roomier boot. Two specifications are offered: Sports and GT. The GT come with a hardtop as standard equipment, but no folding hood. The lack of a hood resulting in a roomier interior and the engine is detuned for greater comfort. The Sports meanwhile have a hood, while the hardtop is optional. It also retain the sportier engine. Production totalled 5,863 units.
In 1963, Touring of Italy introduced their own unique Sunbeam. The Venezia is based around the Super Minx/Vogue/Sceptre range. It use Superleggera construction meaning alloy panels mounted on a tubular framework. It use Sceptre running gear.
Rootes also had plans for an Imp-based sports car called the Asp which would have tackled the Spitfire, Sprite and Midget. The Asp was a very attractive car, resembling a scaled-down, but modernised Alpine. Unfortunately Chrysler killed the project.
The Harrington series C and Le Mand were discontinued due to end of the production of the original Alpine series II. Harrington series D based on the new Alpine series III was introduced in October.

Alpine Serii II powstało 19956 sztuk, wersji Le Mans około 250 sztuk. Seria III dostępna również w wersji GT o mocy obniżonej do 77 KM została wyprodukowana w liczbie 5863 egzemplarzy.



Series IIIA (1592 cc, 75 bhp) - end
Series IV (1592 cc, 79 bhp) - new

Rapier s. III

Rapier s. IV



Series II (1592 cc, 80 bhp) - end
Harrington (1592 cc, up to 104 bhp) - end
Series III (1592 cc 82 bhp) - new
GT (1592 cc, 77 bhp) - new

Alpine s.2

Alpine s.2

Alpine s.3

Alpine s.3 GT Hardtop in the USA.


Harrington Alpine

Series C – discontinued in February (approx. 20 ex.)        
Le Mans – discontinued in February (250 ex.)        
Series D – June - October (6 ex.)        

Alpine Harrington Le Mans

Alpine Harrington series C





Asp - prototype





Entries and results:
  24h Le Mans 15-16.06-1963 Entrant: Results: Index:
    engine     gen. class perf. eff.
32 Alpine 1590 cc Lewis/Ballisat Sunbeam fail. - - -
33 Alpine 1590 cc Harper/Procter Sunbeam fail. - - -

Sunbeam Alpine 1.590 cc. (Peter Harper Peter Procter); 24h Le Mans.