Classic Car Catalogue

Sunbeam 1965

Rapier Series IV - discontinued
Rapier Series V - October
Alpine Series IV - discontinued
Alpine Series V - October
Venezia Touring Superleggera - discontinued
Imp Sport / Chamois (USA only)

Great Britain

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The Rapier s.5 appeared in 1965. It feature the new 1725cc five bearing version of the old engine.
Alpine s.5 gets 92 bhp 1725cc engine and alternator, but auto option is deleted. Open car looses rear seats, replace by carpeted shelf. All synchro box.


Series IV (1592 cc, 79 bhp) - end
Series V (1725 cc, 85 bhp) - new

Rapier s.4

Alpine and Tiger

Alpine Series IV (1592 cc, 82 bhp) - end
Alpine Series V (1725 cc, 93 bhp) - new
Tiger (V8 cyl, 4260 cc, 136 bhp)

Alpine s.IV

Alpine s.IV

Sunbeam Alpine s.V

Sunbeam Tiger

American advert.

American advert.




IMP - US market



American market






Vita Foam Racing Team entered Alpine 260 Tiger in Targa Florio with Peter Harper and Jones Rupert. They finished 16th overall, and 2nd in over 3000 cc class.