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Sunbeam 1966

Rapier Series V
Alpine Series V
Imp Sport - October
Imp / Chamois (Hillman and Singer for export)
Vogue (Singer in certain European markets)

Great Britain

When Rootes launched the Hillman Imp in 1963, the Coventry-Climax derived engine was a dream come true for tuning specialists. It made sense for Rootes to build their own performance version to tackle the Mini-Cooper. The result is the Sunbeam Imp Sport, launched in October. Externally it is identifiable from the Hillman by different badging, chrome trim and a slatted engine cover. Inside there is a full length dashboard, carpet, extra gauges and better trim. The most important difference, however, is in the engine bay. Twin side-draught Strombergs replaced the single Solex. There is a higher lift camshaft, bigger valves and improved cylinder head design. An oil cooler is fitted as standard equipment as are extractors. The brakes are improved too by fitting a servo. The radiator is of a larger capacity and many components are strengthened to handle the increase in power output from 42bhp at 4000rpm to 55bhp at 6100rpm. It may not sound much, but in a lightweight car with amazing handling abilities, the result can put a grin on the face of any driver.



Series V (1725 cc, 85 bhp)


Alpine and Tiger

Alpine Series V (1725 cc, 93 bhp)
Tiger (V8 cyl, 4260 cc, 136 bhp)


Tiger rozprowadzany jest w USA w sieci sprzedaży Chryslera.


Chamois and Imp Sport

Imp Sport (875 cc, 51 bhp)

Sunbeam (Singer) Chamois

Sunbeam (Singer) Chamois Swiss advert.

Sunbeam Imp Sport