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Sunbeam 1970

Imp Sport - discontinued
Sport - new model
1250/1500 - new model

Great Britain

Discontinuation of the Singer this year affected the Sunbeam range in some ways. The Imp Sport gained four headlaps and was re-christened 'Sport'. The new Sunbeam Vogue is simply re-badged Singer Vogue. It stayed in the program only for six months and was dropped in October.


Imp Sport and Stiletto

Imp Sport (875 cc, 51 bhp) - end
Sport (875 cc, 51 bhp) - new
Stiletto (875 cc, 51 bhp)

Imp Sport

SUNBEAM SPORT £789 (incl. P.T.)
A high-performance version of the Chrysler-Hillman Imp, the new Sport uses the saloon body with lift-up rear window, and the twin-carburettor light-alloy 875 c.c. engine mounted at the rear. Internally this small but roomy saloon is luxurious with reclining front seats, simulated walnut dash and facings, and easy-to-read round instruments. The decorative front-end treatment incorporates a concealed push-button lock for the front luggage compartment, and there are servo-assisted brakes and an oil-cooler as standard equipment.
SUNBEAM STILETTO £851 (incl. P.T.)
Using the basic 'Imp' body structure but with a fastback roof panel, and the twin-carburettor overhead camshaft 875 c.c. rear-engine, the Stiletto is undoubtedly the best-looking of the Imp derivatives. For the good looks and better aerodynamics, the sporting driver sacrifices rear headroom, and the useful lift-up rear window. Like the 'Sport', the Stiletto has four headlights, and like all Imp-based models it has all-independent suspension and a slick all-synchromesh four-speed manual gearbox.

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Alpine and Rapier

Alpine (1725 cc, 72 bhp)
Rapier (1725 cc, 79 bhp)
Rapier H120 (1725 cc, 105 bhp)

Rapier H 120

Rapier: £1,282 (incl. P.T.)
H120: £1,503 (incl. P.T.)
Sunbeam's old Rapier was a GT favourite for more than ten years, so Rootes (now Chrysler UK) had quite a tall order when they decided to reintroduce the name. They used the basic 1725 c.c. engine but with twin carburettors, a high-lift camshaft, close-ratio gearbox and what else to provide a near-100 m.p.h. performance. A year later (October 1968) an even higher-performance derivative, the H120, was introduced, and with its Holbay-modified engine, upswept 'spoiler' on the tail, and sporty paint job it was soon an in-car with the aficionados. The H120 has a speed of 108 m.p.h.

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SUNBEAM ALPINE £1,123 (incl. P.T.)
For the man or woman who fancies the looks and comfort of the Rapier but is happy with a less sprightly performance. Not that the Alpine is any slouch, for with its 74 b.h.p. version of the 1725 c.c. Chrysler UK engine, it is good for more than 90 m.p.h. The two-door fastback body accommodates four and there is a large luggage compartment. The rear/side windows wind down out of sight, and provide the most open-air type of motoring possible-consistent with a fixed roof. The interior is lush with deep carpeting and a wood veneer facia. Alpine is an old name in the 'Rootes' catalogue.
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Vogue (1725 cc, 72 bhp) - April - October


1250 / 1500