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Suzuki 1965


Suzulight 360 (FE)
Fronte 360 (FEA)
Fronte 800 – new model



In late 1965 the front end of the 360 was reworked, with the headlights now incorporated into the grille.

A four-door 700 cc prototype was first shown at the 1962 Tokyo Motor Show, clothed in a body designed by Pietro Frua. This line of development was not followed, with work on the Y4 prototype instead begun in 1962, another prototype which appeared at the 1963 Tokyo Motor Show. Imminent production was announced, but at the '64 Motor Show another pre-production model was shown, with sales promised for the spring of the following year. The final Fronte 800 was announced in August 1965 with sales begun in December.
The three-cylinder, two-stroke 785 cc engine is similar to that of the DKW Junior/F11. Top speed is 115 km/h and the car has a fully synchronized 4-speed manual transmission. The body is a modern unibody design, only available as a two-door sedan. While rumoured to have been executed by Michelotti, design is credited to Suzuki chief designer Sasaki Toru. The suspension is an independent torsion bar design on all four wheels, with wishbones up front and trailing arms in rear. Brakes are drums all around. Introductory price is ¥465,000, with a ¥545,000 DeLuxe version also available.