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Talbot Lago 1949



Paris Motor Show

T 15 LB Lago Baby 15 CV berline, cabriolet (4 cyl) - nowy model
T 26 Lago Record 26 CV berline, coach, cabriolet
T 26 Lago Grand Sport Coupé

The sleek Saoutchik Coupé, was the center of interest at recent motor shows. Mounted on the Talbot Lago Grand Sport chassis, construction is a combination of steel and duralinox light alloy sheet. The origin of the spear-shaped chrome strips used on the new Buick "Rivera" should be no mystery after inspecting this Saoutchik design and others of earlier date. Lago Grand Sport is echanically similar of the Talbot Grand Prix race cars. Six cylinder o.h.v. 4 ½ litre engine has three carburetors and develops 187 bhp at 4000 RPM. Maximum speed in region of 130 mph is claimed.
(Road & Track)






T 15 berline

Lago Baby coach





T 26 Record cabriolet


4,5 Litre T 26 Record berline. Lucien Crapez przed startem do RMC.





Saoutchik body presented in Geneva.



Grand Sport by Saoutchik

Figoni et Falaschi





2nd Italian GP     Etancelin
1st Belgian GP     Rosier
3rd Britisch GP     Rosier
2nd czechoslovakian GP     Etancelin
3rd Swiss GP     Sommer


  24h Le Mans 25.06.1949 Entrant: Results:
      gen class
#1 (4483 cc) Morel / Chambas Chambas dnf -
#2 (4483 cc) Vallée / Mairesse Ecurie France fail. -
#7 (4068 cc) Rosier / Rosier Ecurie Rosier fail. -

André Morel / André Chambas ran out of fuel on the last lap, being in 4th position at Le Mans.

Talbot #7 (Louis Rosier / Jean-Louis Rosier) at Le Mans.