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Toyota 1962

Tiara / Corona  
Crown - discontinued
Crown - new model


Toyota Exhibit, 9th Tokyo Motor Show, 25th October - 7th November 1962.
Three recently announced cars made their debuts at the show. Toyota introduced changes to the Toyopet Crown for the first time in seven years, the models being the Crown, Crown de luxe and Crown Custom. This latter is a station wagon with a drop-down tail-gate door. The frameless upper window winds down electrically into this door and is controlled from the driver's side of the dash. The cars are larger, lower and wider than their predecessors, with styling and accommodation similar to those of American compacts. Twin headlamps are fitted to each version. They have full six-seater bodies, again a little short of fore-and-aft room by the best European standards, mounted on separate chassis frames. The chassis is of "X" form with massive boxed section members; it has pressed-steel, semi-trailing front wishbones with combined coil springs and telescopic dampers. The live rear axle is mounted on coil springs and controlled by trailing arms at each side and a transverse Panhard rod, and the four-cylinder, 1,900 c.c. o.h.v. engine is unchanged.
Another manufacturer of automatic transmissions in Japan is Toyota, for optional equipment on the 1,897 c.c. Toyopet New Crown and the Publica, which has a horizontally opposed twin of 697 c.c. This is air-cooled and placed at the front.
The Toyota Motor Company, Japan's second largest makers behind Nissan, are now in production with the Toyopet Corona Sport, yet another of last year's prototypes. The 1,897 c.c. saloon car engine is tuned to develop 105 b.h.p. and a top speed of 110 m.p.h. is claimed for this 2-4-seater roadster. A new experimental sports body was exhibited on the much more humble Publica. It has no doors, but the roof slides back on rails at each side and the occupants step over the low sides to enter. Whether this model will be additional to, or supersede the standard Publica Sport, seems doubtful, and it may merely have been an eye-catcher for the show.

Tokyo report
• On June 19th an agreement on CKD assembly signed with Delta Motor Corporation of the Philippines.
• In June Production commenced at Motor Assemblies of South Africa.
• In October Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. (TMT) established in Thailand.
• In December the first Crown exhibited in Denmark, marking the beginning of Toyota's European operations.

Toyota Exhibit, 9th Tokyo Motor Show, 25th October - 7th November 1962.

Toyota's first arrival in Europe.


wb: 213 cm B2 cyl.
697 cm³
28 hp
Sedan UP 10


On June 8th Publica Van (UP16V) launched.

Publica Sports in Tokyo.

Tiara (Corona II)

wb: 240 cm 4 cyl.
1453 cm³
65 hp
4 cyl.
986 cm³
45 hp
Tiara Sedan RT 20 -
Tiara Wagon RT 26 LG -
Corona Sedan de Luxe


Tiara (Corona II)

Corona de Luxe




wb: 253 cm 4 cyl.
1897 cm³
90 hp
4 cyl.
1897 cm³
95 hp
Sedan RS 30
de Luxe RS 31
RS 32
Wagon - Custom RS 37 LG


Crown de Luxe


wb: 2690 mm 1897 cc
80 ps
1897 cc
90 ps
sedan RS 40 RS 41
wagon   RS 46G


In December one Crown sample exported to Denmark.

Nowy Toyopet Crown na Salonie w Tokio (model '63).

Crown Deluxe; 6 pages brochure.

Crown Custom at Tokyo Show.

Crown Custom; 8 pages brochure.




Sports (RT20L) based on Crown chassis.

Publica Sport



Publica Sport z odsuwaną kabiną typu lotniczego zaprezentowana na Salonie w Tokio.

Land Cruiser



Land Cruiser



wb: 2800 mm 1453 cc
60 ps


Stout (South Africa)