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Trabant 1965

600 Universal - discontinued


Trabant production currently runs at 250. This figure is remarkably high for a plastic-bodied car and is achieved by using a double mould technique with steel female and rubber male dies. The reinforcing material is cotton staple, riot glass fibre, and a thermo-setting epoxy resin is used. Unfortunately the Trabant, which is a worthy little car, is unlikely to be imported into the U.K. because of the difficulty of converting it to right-hand-drive.
New for the fair from Trabant is a restyled station wagon body and optional electro-hydraulic operation of the normal dry plate clutch. Working off a contact in the gear lever, the action of this system is much the same as the Jaeger or Ferlec systems fitted to certain Peugeot and Renault models. It does away with the complication of the magnetic clutch. Hydraulic operation was chosen because of the absence with the two-stroke principle of manifold depression to work a vacuum clutch servo.
(Leipzig Fair report)


601 (2 cyl, 594 cm³, 23 PS-DIN ;wb: 2020 mm)
  Universal - new model

Trabant 601 kombi brochure.


600 (2 cyl, 594 cm³, 23 PS-DIN ;wb: 2020 mm)