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Triumph 1958

TR3A (R4 cyl, 1991 cc, 100 bhp)

Great Britain

Triumph TR3A Sports Roadster differs from the preceding TR3 by a new wide and shallow radiator grille, slightly recessed headlamps, overrider upper stay-bars and external lockable handles for doors and luggage boot. A hard-top coupe is also available. The TR3A had been available for export from August 1957 and in January 1958 replaced the TR3 on the home market.

Since its introduction in 1949, the Triumph Mayflower had continued steadily and in Australia a Pick Up version was available to complement the Vanguard Pick Up also made there.


American market

10 (Standard 10)
Estate Wagon (Standard Companion)
Pennant (Standard Pennant) - nowy model

Oferta amerykańska.

Standard 10 sprzedawany jest w USA jako Triumph.

USA to bardzo ważny rynek dla grupy Standard-Triumph.

Triumph Estate Wagon